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Dec 24, 2018
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I am at a loss for words as we lost my dear Matilda, a beautiful red brindle and white English Bulldog, this morning. To start - We took a 5 hour car ride for the holidays, a trip she has done 40+ times. Upon arrival she was acting mostly like herself, eating a little dinner, some treats and drank water which did not seem to be in excess and used the bathroom as normal and took a nap. Then when we went to bed she could not get comfy and didn’t seem to want to go to sleep so my wife took her to the living room to get on couch, one of her favorite spots. Soon thereafter she came back to the bedroom and I put her in the bed. I went to wake my wife and noticed Matilda had pooped in the living room. I cleaned it up and my wife and I got in bed w Matilda and heard her tummy making rumbling noises and then she appeared she was going to throw up but nothing came up. I decided to take her outside to see if she had to potty or throw up at which point I noticed her stomach was expanded. I watched her try and go potty why frantically googling the symptoms only to come across GDV. Honestly I had never heard of this and don’t know why as Matilda went through a lot and saw a lot of Vets in her 11 years and 7 months as we would do anything to keep her healthy. I freaked out, found a 24 hour vet as it was 4am, woke my wife and got on the road to the vet that was 90 miles away. I made it there in 50 minutes but it was 10 minutes too late as Matilda passed in my wife’s arm in the backseat. When we got there the vet attempted CPR but quickly decided it was too late. He also mentioned that with her age and that condition the outcome was grim regardless.

So I have rambled forever in a whiskey induced numbness asking myself how this could have happened. She didn’t do or eat anything unusual so what could have caused this and what could we have looked for to prevent it?

I am heartbroken and miss her terribly already. 626C6984-971B-469A-8DAA-B29EFCD4ED7C.jpeg65F6F4EF-554F-48B9-8F09-0AE0C4DB0412.jpegAny insight would be appreciated.
Omg.... so sorry for your loss. I hate I woke up to read such sad news. :(
Matila is a doll.
Our condolences. Beautiful pictures of Matilda - lovely coat (Castor is a brindle too). I believe GDV is difficult to predict when feeding and exercise has been normal, and you did all you could. I hope you and your wife can take some comfort knowing that Matilda was in a safe place in your wife's arms as she passed.
[MENTION=18775]MagnusAndMatilda[/MENTION] What a beautiful girl you had. So many of us have lost our babies,we DO know how you feel. She was a gift to GOD on Christmas,as we here know that GOD watches over our lost loved babies at the Rainbow Bridge, until we meet up again.Oddly enough dog is GOD spelled backwards.... She will be met by loving friends there, and she will,too, be waiting for her beloved family,to see them again. In the meantime,she will be your loving doggie angel watching over you.rainbow-bridge.jpg Please do not blame yourself. This happens very quickly, and most likely, at her age, she probably would not have survived the trauma. You have got to try to be grateful for all the good years you had together, rather than beat yourself up for this.She,too, loved you, and wouldn't want to see you so unhappy. Sending prayer for you and your family. I know this will be a very sad Christmas for you. Visit here anytime,we know the pain. Someday, there will be a little puppy that will be a new love, never a "replacement".
So incredibly sorry for the sudden loss of your sweet and beautiful girl.. I know your pain too well, it is a deep hurt that never leaves because your girl will always be in your heart

Bloat comes on quickly and has devastating results in most cases. You recognized the signs and did what you could by taking her to the ER.

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We truly appreciate all the kind words and info. It has been and continues to be very tough for us. I know things will get better eventually.
We truly appreciate all the kind words and info. It has been and continues to be very tough for us. I know things will get better eventually.

So sorry for your lost. Not much anyone can say in these situations but one step at a time. 11yrs n 7 months is great for a bully to have made it that far.

We truly appreciate all the kind words and info. It has been and continues to be very tough for us. I know things will get better eventually.

The tears will eventually turn to a smile and a warm heart, but you will ALWAYS love her differently than any other you will have. I have lost two and now have two.... I love them all differently and each day I miss my passed babies as much as the first day they were gone (hugs)

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