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  • How are you feeling today? Vegas had a weird shaking/tremor/shivering thing going on last night. It was weird. It's kinda scaring me. He is fine when he is awake, but when he closed his eyes...he'd start to shake. I thought at first he was cold, but when he's cold he shivers when his eyes are both open and closed. I pulled him into my arms and we slept with me hugging him for warmth. It finally subsided...but it never completely went away until he got up. I'm staying home today..not only because of Vegas, but because I have very little voice.
    because the size of them are a little large. She wants to redo them to fit with the others. Yes...send the photos to my email...Libra926@comcast.net. I will fix the eyes and forward them to Lisa.
    mom....Lisa wants to redo your avatar. Do you have pictures you'd prefer? Or do you want me to send her the same ones that make up your avatar now? If you have ones of the kids...she can add their names to the photos...like hers. Let me ASAP. I need to send them to her Sunday.
    Hope your feeling OK... been thinking about you. Sending Aloha warm wishes your way
    My mom has Lupus so I am very familiar with prednisone. I will keep praying for you and your family and I'm so glad baby echo is ok. Hopefully i'll find another bully to adopt it just seems so unfair but i guess thats life for yah. Happy ALmost Turkey Day
    She is ok..she had a uti but I havent had to much contact with Stormy (foster) since she told me Dinah would most likely be adopted by the vet tech from Virginia Tech. How have u been ? I really hope all is well. How is baby echo?
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