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May 5, 2010
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I just read in another thread about certain things to look for when choosing a puppy. What do you look for?

When we were adopting Vegas, we had our choice out of 2. There were 7 puppies in the litter (named after the 7 dwarfs) and we couldn't take our eye's off the the pudgy masked bandit that they had nick-named Doc. He was playful and attentive.........besides being cute. I often wonder if there was a reason he was last to be sold. (the other pup had a reserve, but no cash had been put down yet)

Tell me, what are the things you look for when you are selecting a pup.

*not sure if this topic has already been discussed* (I know there is a whole section pertaining to this)
We generally look for the it factor. Whatever it is, it just attracts us to a partcular puppy. I just don't know what "it" is!!!!
Definitely..the cuteness factor is #1. But also look for one that is not timid, but not the one chasing all his siblings around either :D

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