What is the ONE thing that cracks you up with your bully' (s)


I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried!
Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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Mine is when I take Vegas's bowl and put it on the kitchen counter to give him a snack, or treat. He has gotten used to the yogurt and the baby carrots now. He is sooo excited and drooling and can not wait. :yes: today I gave him a half of a banana chopped up.

I sit his bowl down in the holder and he smells it, sits down and LOOKS at me with the look of WHAT?!?!? :curse:REALLY!?!?!? :down: and I told him, "just shut up, I know your going to eat it", and guess what? HE DID! He gives me the SAME look with frozen green beans, I know he hates them, and the look he gives me:eek: cracks me up every time, YET, he will turn and eat it anyways. One of the many things that crack me up with him.
Lola loves her bone and if she is napping and has been chewing on it she keeps it close by and Brodie (has his own by the way) watches her and as soon as she is either napping or not watching the bone, he sneaks up on her and takes it. When she notices that it is gone, sometimes a good bit later, she will find and take his and hers could be right there. I swear we always buy two of everything but each one wants what the other has. It is cute watching them try to take each others bones/toys! They are so sneaky. Also, if they are laying next to each other and one of them poots the other jumps up to go smell their butt..okay have no clue why that cracks me up but i get a chuckle when they do it....no clue why.
Nearly everything Bear does cracks me up, a few though are his piggy runs through the house, the positions he gets in when he sleeps, and he jumps up to rest his arms on our legs/belly because he wants to be picked up and hugged, he then hugs and kisses with arms wrapped around the neck.
I think I'm with @mammyglicks ..Belly just started doing the piggy runs tonight between the kitchen and the living room . Funniest thing I ever saw! Looked like one of the racing piglets at the fair!


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Chester's never-ending passion for food. Whether he has his "family jewel" sticking out while we're eating dinner (along with the drool of course) :eek: the lightning speed in which he can run to his bowl or into his crate when he knows food or a treat are coming. The stalking of Milo, just WAITING to get to his food bowl too, his nudging of the cupboard door - thinking one day.. just one day - he'll be able to open it.. etc, etc. It's just all about food with him! :w00t:
Layla likes for me to sing to her...it makes her happy. I cant sing at all. I would even say hearing me sing could be perceived as a form of punishment...which is excatly the look Winston gives me. I swear he is embarrassed by his momma! :eek:
I LOVE their tongues! When they stick out their tongue and make their little piggy noises, it just cracks me up! Of course there about 100 other funny things they do, but you said just ONE thing...
I like the fact that Jozi looks like
a truck out of alignment when
she runs. She runs with her butt
shifter to the right. Hopefully
one day Ill catch it on camera.
I love the way Vegas snores me to sleep. I don't sleep very well and I'm often a night owl. I always seem to be exhausted. Vegas can put me to sleep in 2 minutes by climbing behind me on the couch, wrapping his arm around me...putting his chin over my ear and snoring. It knocks me out.

I love Orion's conversation abilities. She listens and responds appropriately. You'd think she actually understands you...but really, she's just being a PITA.
[MENTION=1034]BruceP[/MENTION] I really want to capture the piggy run but it's so hard because he does it without warning, it's always short lived and it doesn't happen everyday. I promise I will continue to try :)
I love when Silva has to be part of whatever we are doing. Last night we were playing Candyland and she had to plop her butt right on our game! Like Ï want to play too!
Gosh there are so many. Presley likes to lay at my feet. When my feet are cold I try and squeeze them under her, she just turns and looks at me like "your crazy!" and gets up. However a few minutes later I guess she changes her mind and will just plop on them like "fine I give" and lets out a sigh. Too cute.

Presley also trys to act as a second mom to my 4yr old son. When he is acting up she tries to discipline and herd him to wherever she thinks he should go. She listens if I tell her to stop but she definitely knows when my kiddo is needing his butt whooped and Im sure if she could she would do it for me lol. During the day if he is upstairs for awhile, she goes and checks on him. And every night before we go to bed she goes in his room to make sure all is quiet and well (I started to notice that when she was about 9 months old and every night since without fail she checks in his room).
Here are a few of mine:

1. When he runs into a wall when playing
2. When he does something bad and looks at me like it's my fault
3. His ever changing facial expressions
4. When I'm standing Anywhere in the house he will come and squeeze his chubby body thru my legs.
5. When he sleeps he will roll over and sleep on his back with all legs up in the air.

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