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  • Looks like I've been here before. I completely did not put you with your FB name. I was just reading through your page and saw that Bob has had accupuncture and has to eat upright? What was he diagnosed with?
    It wasn't bad, he was just being his silly self not fully realizing that he was posting on a sick bully post I think. Bob's the same weight as Wilson then. 4 lbs is so much. He must look pretty skinny in person. Glad your jewelry's picking up. It's really nice and I admired it on your website the other day before Bob was posted. I'm sure you've saved a life somewhere.
    I'm really glad to see that Bob is going to be ok. I've been following his progress on your FB wall. So frightening. Wow, looks like you've been around since the beginning. I came across your FB page when someone shared a piece of your jewelry. It's very nice btw. Anyhoots, glad Bob is going to be well. :)
    Jacki and I just got 2 of the Bully toys from Rio at McDonald's. There is 1 with your name on it if you want.
    I just LOVE them! I got them today and they will be hidden soon (so Krystin doesn't get into them, LOL) They are perfect.
    I can't believe I didn't put my name on it. Lol. Yes it us from us. Glad you like it! Send a picture :)
    we got our gifts!!!!!! thank you so much! those pretzels are delicious! i like the size. Butler loves love loves that racoon! what a surprise, thank you so much! <3
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