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May 5, 2010
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I could have sworn I posted this earlier, but now I can't find it. So, here we go again. I've noticed every since we've been leaving Vegas out during the day that his chin has become an interesting color of "rust". I know this is caused from his drinking habits. He literally submerges his entire head into the bowl to drink. During the day, his chin doesn't get wiped off. I know someone at one time suggested hydrogen peroxide. I tried it once, but I need more info on it. How much do I use...how do you apply it...and how often....and how long until I see results. Orion is also developing tear stains. I'm going to try the angel eyes...rather than switch foods. I'd really like to try switching foods, but Vegas has a sensitive tummy...no matter how slow we do the switch, it sends his digestive system into a tail spin. I know this subject has been talked about before, so lets talk about it again. I'd really like to focus on the water stain on the chin vs the tear stains.
So....any help?
Tidus has this problem too due to his turkey neck. So yes, I dry it off as much as possible. I have also tried the 1/2 vinegar half water solution and it seems to help.

With Tidus now wearing a cone for his eyes, this problem had gotten worse. The vet prescribed me some anti-yeast creme and I put it all over the palms of my hand and rubbed it into his chin.

This rust color, you are referring to, is most likely yeast.

This treatment I did, twice, worked wonders. Between this and the 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water solution, there is no yeast gonna live on that chinny-chin chin.

The antil yeast stuff he prescribed is called Quadritop Ointment. But we have used Animax as well for yeast.

I don't think hydrogen peroxide on the chin will help much, if there is yeast in there it does not kill the yeast.

Peroxide does work on the wrinkles from what I have experienced, and it is something I have used for 15 years, but mixed with cornstarch. Cornstarch mixed with peroxide makes a very weird and unique paste, and then carefully put it into the wrinkles/tear stains. The reason it works is because it will sorta "bleach" out the stains.

I have been also applying desitin a couple times a week after I do this, and I do NOT do it everyday. Every 2-3 days only, and the desitin about 30 mins later after the peroxide/cornstarch dries.

If this was yeast, would it smell? Chesty sucks on his dewclaw, and he has the same discoloration on his paw.
I would think it would smell, fishy a bit. But if the area is constantly wet or licked, that would certainly cause yeast.

You know how sometimes you clean your dogs ears and they smell and have that rust colored build up? That is yeast. If you flip over a female dog and open her fold around her girlie part, you can usually spot yeast.

I think yeast is one of the hardest things to keep 'tame' in bullies. Yeast also itches. So if Chesty has yeast on his dew claw, he could be licking it to relieve the itch. Which makes it more yeasty. Which makes him lick it. Which makes him more yeasty. And on and on.
Hmmmm. I tried to smell Vegas's chin, but he keeps licking me. I've never seen him itching his chin. Also, if it's open to the air..wouldn't that make it hard for yeast to grow? I thought it had to be dark and damp.
Yes, but how long does it take to dry? How often does he drink? Does his jowels over lap the area? I think you should provide us with one of your fantastic photos of this rusty menace. LOL
Okay, I went to get a pic of Tidus's yeast and there is none. It is gone (yay!)

So I went on the hunt for yeast. I could not really find much, but Mandy seemed to have some discoloration and a tiny amount of yeast on her chin. She is also a dunker when she drinks.

Here is a couple of pics, not sure if you can see the yeast in the crease because there is not much.

Oh, and the creme is an anti-fungal, not necessarily yeast in particular. All funguses.


OH MY!!!! :eek:

Yes, that definately looks like a yeast, and a LOT of it. This is not a water stain.

He has been to the vet and they never mentioned anything about it? Ask him to prescribe you some of the quadritop ointment for yeast in the wrinkles.

You may want to try switching dog foods as well.

Def get some 1/2 vinegar & 1/2 water on that to start killing the bacteria. It looks sore.... :(

Also maybe get him a shallow drinking dish, only fill it so high so he cannot dunk his whole chin.
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No, they never have mentioned anything about it. What about over the counter stuff? Is there anything that you know of that I can pick up? I really hate to pay 50.00 vet bill for them to do tests to figure this out. His normal dr is on maternity leave.....I can just see a 200.00 bill coming for this!
yes vinegar and water, I would worry about using human anti fungal since he dunks his chin in his water dish. Try calling your vet when he gets back from vacation to see if he will give you a prescription. After all you have a bulldog and yeast will happen. What does the inside of his nose rope look like?
Thank you ........ this is a fascinating thread cos I've heard so much about yeast and this is the first time I've ever seen a picture of it. Now I know what to look out for!!!

Is it 50% apple vinegar and 50% water that you mix up .... and also how often would you use it on their wrinkles and in their ears if it is used just as a way of keeping the yeast away!!
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] Could that be a new HOT PINK hoodie that I see Orion modelling ?????? Maggie is going to be SO jealous.
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] Could that be a new HOT PINK hoodie that I see Orion modelling ?????? Maggie is going to be SO jealous.

Samson is not jealous because that is so not manly but I would like to say I LOVE your new avatar picture. O looks so cute in that hoodie! You always dress her in the cutest stuff :heart::bully:

That would be a Smootchie. Orion's grandma picked that up for her at Petco last night. The size is a large...but the only thing I don't like is the neck doesn't velcro. The belly does, but not the neck. It fits her perfect, but I'd like the neck to be a smidge bigger. Oh, they have matching "slippers" too. Orion would bite me for sure if I tried to put those on her.

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