Please help - 10month puppy won’t go to toilet outside


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Sep 11, 2020
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Hi there I’m new to the English Bulldog forums so thank you for letting me join.

We brought a 10 month old puppy from a home that no longer wanted him the previous owner said that the dog had been toilet trained.. they also said that the dog was so lazy didn’t want to go out for walks…

When we got the dog home we began taking the dogs out for walks so she could go to the toilet, she absolutely loves walking outside and being out in the fresh air however she will not go to the toilet outside and as soon as she comes back indoors she urinates or the poops Somewhere in the house. We have been out for hours numerous times of day trying to see if she would actually do a wee or a poop and nothing, Then the moment we come in she week’s or poos,

We’ve contacted the previous owners as we think they may have never ever taken her out and she was actually toileting indoors we asked them if she did it with them and there only replied was “not normally”!!!, we feel as though they Haven’t been truthful with us which is such a shame because otherwise she is such an amazing puppy so calm doesn’t chew anything Is great with all children, we just have an issue with toileting.

We thought maybe it was the change of environment and she’s still not settled but she’s not even doing and drop out of wee outside! nothing!

If anyone has any tips for us we feel as though we’re going to have to start retraining again with the training pads Which we are currently using but she’s just not toileting on these pads and chooses to go elsewhere in the house. Many thanks
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Jul 26, 2011
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My tip would be to kennel-train him.

Put him in the kennel at night, then when y'all wake up, take him out to bathroom. If he doesn't, then take him back to kennel. Take him out again after an hour. If he does his business then he can go inside and be with y'all.


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May 2, 2013
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Obviously the previous owners have lied to you. They probably never took the poor dog out. What I would do is pick up the poop,soak up the pee, and take them both outside to the area that you want Pip to go. When you take her out, take her to that area and let her sniff. It is going to take awhile, because it is much harder to change an older pup's habits. Crate the dog when you are not there to keep an eye on her-giving her only enough space to lie down.Don't give up, eventually the dog will get it. It is much harder to retrain that to train the right way to begin with. Don't bother calling those people any more! YOu will need patience the dog deserves it. It is not her fault.


Aug 4, 2020
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Others have given good advice. Crate training may be the best option since she can only hold it so long, and they will not use the toilet where they sleep. So best bet is to walk her directly outside after taking her out so she has no choice. After 5 mins bring her in, crate her if she did not go and try again some time after. Best bet is to place the crate closer to the door you will be letting her out of otherwise she may go while you walk her out. Good luck! Also, side note, it may be confusing to use peepads and training outside at the same time. If your ultimate goal is to have her use the toilet outside, get rid of the pee pads.


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Jan 10, 2016
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Agree with [MENTION=8741]Manydogs[/MENTION]. Take puppy pad or newspaper soak it in his business leave it outside. I did that n worked well. But like she mentioned definitely not the dog’s fault. Takes time with lots of patience. Can’t blame the dog. Another trick I figured out as not all dogs are alike, my previous EB as a pup didn’t want to go out but in his kennel in the middle of the night. A month of toying around with him n I not sleeping as I was putting my alarm on just for him still didn’t work. I NEVER allowed any pets on my bed but I ended up putting him with me at night. Blankets in the middle of the bed, pillows at the other end of the bed n little sh*t NEVER GOT UP ONCE!! Did the catwalk for 20 mins till he found the perfect spot which was under my neck n snored. Toss him off n he repeated the catwalk... took about 3 weeks. After that I threw him off my bed! I put a blanket on the floor on my side for another weekish n finally same blanket in his kennel.


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Jul 28, 2011
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Great info from the team.... it can be a struggle at times, but patience and consistency will pay off

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