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  • Oh Beth, your reply to Ben B. about getting another bully soon after losing Raven
    was so heartfelt that I cried again for your loss of sweet Raven.

    Just so beautiful, your love between y'all, so deep...soulmates. I know Raven looks
    down from Heaven still watching & loving all of you & of course, guided to a new
    love, Bella.

    God bless you, Beth & all of your family, give Tyson & Bella kisses from me & Cami.
    People who have never had a dog don't understand. But Bulldogs are even more close to our hearts!
    I'm so sorry you lost's absolutely devastating, I know...and at a young age, too! It's so hard to understand why they are taken so soon. I hope you find comfort in time.
    Thank you, Beth, for my gift and more...for your unfailing support
    that truly helped carry me thru these many difficulties of the past
    year. Even more awesome as you carry so much on your shoulders
    and no complaints ever heard?!! I'll PM my Ph # so you can always
    vent to me (shhhhh, our secret). You are always a blessing, to me
    and EBN...GOD bless you, dear friend and watch over your family :)
    I agree n peace of mind is needed w these guys! Lol I give her Fromm pork n peas for breakfast w Greek yogurt n salmon oil and beef frittata for dinner w blueberries n bananas. She eats everything..haven't found anything she doesn't like yet!
    Thank you for your help! Where in NYC are you? I'm in Ga now, but born n raised on upper east side, my mom lives on upper west side now. We were just there w Brie to see her and then went to the Cape in June.
    OMG no one's stopped in here since December. Well let me just be the first one of the year.

    :hiya: Game of Thrones friend. :laugh:
    I love it. I have 5 of these guys and I know the food will be here as I scheduled it and Fresh. You live in NY the office is there and I think the warehouse is out of NJ. They have three locations. You can't beat the price and if you order $50 or more / or mention EBN shipping is free.
    Hi, I seen your question to which kind of Fromm to feed? She is feeding Fromm Beef Fritatta , it's a very good food and lots of peeps have great results with it.
    You can order from Pet Flow . that's who I order from too.

    If you look on veiw profile, everyone usually has the type of food listed .
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