Our 14 1/2 year old English Bulldog Blossom loves the ocean. We live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and since Blossom is a rescue dog, we have no idea of her past life before we fostered her and then adopted her 6 years ago. Shortly after our previous Bulldog passed away, a Bulldog rescue group asked us if we could foster an elderly Bulldog. We were told that she appears to have been used for breeding, has a few medical issues including cherry eye, cataracts & entropion in right eye. 3 different vets estimated her to be 8-9 years old. Our thoughts were to give this dog the best life possible because she probably didn't have much time left. We are avid campers and get to travel often. the first few campgrounds we visited had lakes, blossom liked to wade in the water about 3 - 6 inches deep. Our first trip to Myrtle Beach, blossom pulled me to the ocean, and walked the shoreline, she smiled when splashed by the waves. We have since been to many beaches along the east coast, from the Delaware beaches, Maryland beaches, Virginia beaches, N. Carolina beaches, S. Carolina beaches, Georgia beaches, & Florida beaches. Last month, Blossom wasn't doing well, she kept losing her balance, getting confused inside & outside our home, and losing control of her bladder inside the house (first time ever) Since we celebrated Christmas one week early with our kids & grandchildren, I told my wife that we should take Blossom someplace warm & get her to a beach. All the Florida campgrounds were booked, so I googled warm getaways for the holidays. South Padre Island, Texas came up and I started doing some research. Long story short, We booked a 5 day stay at the Ramada inn resort that was pet friendly for far less than the campgrounds there. Blossom had a blast, got to go to the ocean every day, perfect weather, high 70's - mid 80's. her hip & legs were no longer bothering her, it was a great get away.... If she can hold out a little longer, we will be heading to southern Florida in February.


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Thank you for posting about your gorgeous girl. What a wonderful way to start the New Year with a story like this!
14 1/2, amazing! Welcome!


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Really enjoyed your heart felt travel log and photos. What a GREAT team. We are here in Florida and sending along season greetings Florida style , happy new year to Blossoms' and Blossom's family and safe travels.
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She is gorgeous... amazing to be 14 years old!!!


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Welcome to EBN! What a wonderful life you have given her… thank you for sharing and can’t wait to see the Florida pictures


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SPI is a nice place. Corpus Christi was my home for a while and I crabed there.

Blossom lucked out on her forever home and thank you for taking her in and for the great story.

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