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Mar 23, 2010
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so, some of you are probably aware of the trouble we've gone through trying to cut Horse's nails (previous vet-tried to eat them when they tried to cut his nails, so they gave us meds to sedate him, they didnt work, have been bringing him to our current vet monthly to get his nails cut). During our last vet visit I thought to myself "I wonder if I put Horse on the kitchen counter, up high, if he would let me cut his nails?". So, I decided to try it tonight, and wouldn't you know, he just stood there and let me do it!!! You don't even know how happy I am right now, and I can't even believe how easy it was, after 4 years of struggling with the nail-clipping issue! On the other hand, kinda upset that the vet didn't suggest this, after all this time, guess they just wanted the $15 to cut his nails. Wishing I figured this out sooner!
So, moral of the story is, if you struggle with clipping your dogs nails, try putting them up high on a counter or table, it just might work!
Thats awesome! SO happy for you! I wonder why high up on the table worked for him? Had you tried doing it yourself before? I can definitely see him being more ok with you doing it because he loves you and knows he can trust you.
Love the idea, you are so smart! Too bad I dont have the guts to actually cut them myself even tho 9 out of 10 of cuttys nails are clear. :eek:
I think it's cuz they are scared, too scared to move too much. I put my bullies up high when I want to give them an exam, otherwise I get licked to death. But yes, I think I will try nail cutting up there too! I did Yunas yesterday and my arm has many battle wounds. At least I won the battle tho! :p
Horse came into our family at 6 mos old, and I always cut his nails monthly with no problem for the first year, then all of a sudden for no reason, he started trying to bite me when I did it and was a total mental wreck. So, I brought him to the vet and they tried to do it, with no success. So, they gave me two different prescriptions to try and sedate him so I could do it, they didn't work at all! Then we moved to Vermont and found a new vet. Horse let them do anything to him (cut nails, shots, anal-gland expression), with no problems as long as he was up on the exam table. I tried putting him on the kitchen table first and he just tried to jump off, so I put him up on the kitchen counter and he just stood there and let me cut ALL of his nails!!!
I can't wait to be able to finally get Horse's nails down to "bully-length", I have a great pair of nail-clippers that Horse's breeder gave us, which makes is so much quicker and easier.
I bought a "quick" finder for a nail cutter. The problem is the dogs won't stay still enough to measure the quick. I will try the kitchen counter. I think maybe that is what the vet does and they just deal with it. I don't know, but I will try. Bella is harder since all of her nails are black.

One question for all: Do their nails seem to grow REAL fast. like within a week or two? I cut Abby's less than 2 weeks ago and they are already TOO long.
yes. their nails grow way faster than other dogs! I would definetly try the kitchen counter "trick", I put Horse on the kitchen table first and it didn't work at all, so I tried the counter which is about a foot taller, and it was like magic!
Haha, that's great Lauren... sounds like somethng the Dog Whisperer would do to make the owners feel silly
I don't know- I have never trimmed Jesses nails at all, hers just stay short (fine by me cuz they are black!), Molly's once every few months, Mandys once every two months, Yuna and Tidus on the other hand are growing- and growing into their HUGE paws. Seems like theirs i am having to do every 2-3 weeks. Especially Yuna's, hers grow the fastest out of the bunch.
so i have been trying to cut spike's nails since last week and he tries to bite me everytime i do it... i usually take him to go get them cut at petsmart but now that i don't work can't be doing that lol... i am gonna try this tomorrow...he hates going to the vet though...i'll try putting him on the counter or maybe doing it while he is taking a bath bc spike doesn't like baths either lol :(
Nails just scare me, I get my daughter to do them, she used to be a vet tech/groomer/handler. Gertie's are all white, but I'm still chicken to try it. Hers' grow VERY fast. They need to be cut about every 3 weeks. Laurentourville: What kind of clippers do you use? You said they make it easier.
I haven't had the courage to cut any of my dogs nails yet .......... I too would be interested in what laurentourville said about the nail clippers!! I'm never sure how far back you should cut them!!

We have to be especially careful with Maggies back paws because she doesn't walk evenly on them so the outer side nails get longer faster than the inner ones .... or is it the other way round :confused:. I will need to go look when I get home!
here's a pic of the clippers I use, they're pretty well-used, so there's no markings on them anymore to tell what brand they are. there's also i guide piece that you can use so you only cut a small amount at a time.


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