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  • Thank you for the info on the fb page. I sent an email to the address listed on their page requesting information. Looking forward to your contact that updates their rescue.
    Hello. I just joined today and fell in love with a dog on a thread that it looks like you started on a Chattanooga Bulldog Rescue named Heidi. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to connect to their site. Do you happen to have any contact information that you can share with me.?

    Thank you,
    SPLAT!!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:

    Pass it forward to 5 cannot Splat!! the person who got you :christmas4:
    Thanks for the donation!! I will try to use them all up!! there has to be an easier way to see the newbies though?
    @jakeisgreat @desertskybulldog You know, I'm wondering if "telly" is also me... I logged in and thought everything looked wrong, then tried logging in again. I wonder if I accidently made 2 accounts back in the day. I checked "Telly"s profile and it says it was created Mar 2010 with no posts
    My name is Steve from Mackinaw IL by Peoria I am looking to adopt a Bulldog if you would contact me that would be awsome.
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