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Jan 20, 2016
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Zoey, Lala, MINI & Dozer
My only thought is grab the dog by the skin flaps in the top front of the thighs. Dogs hate that. You do risk them turning on you but you are in a good position to turn them on their back and make them submit. Hope I never have to try that one.
I think I would step on their back leg or foot before reaching out with arms or hands.


Nov 20, 2015
Hempstead, Texas
United States
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Wow I am very sorry to hear that happened to your EB. But I want to commend you for your bravery!!! A dog attack is a very scary experience and for you to be able to think and execute the digging your nails into the other dogs mouth is extraordinary! You are soo brave!!! My EB has been a victim as well unfortunately to a full grown Dalmatian dog and it locked his jaw to the back of my EBs neck and would not let go! Very very traumatizing experience. Since then we have been very cautious with other dogs and always alert. My wife and I have been able to avoid other attacks by just putting our dog behind us and screaming as loud as you can to the other dog! I know it’s odd but it has worked. My wife’s has been able to do that as well when she has walked our dog by herself and loose dogs are aggressively coming toward our dog.

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