Help Needed! My bullie barks when my husband and I showing affections to each other

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Sep 6, 2017
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Hello all,
My husband and I recently adopted an English Bulldog, and man, he is just so cute! However every time when we showing affections to each other, like hugs and kisses, he gets very 'jealous' - barks and tries to jump onto us. Even if he is in deep sleep, he would jump up immediately to stop us. We don't know if he's just wanting attention or does he think my husband is hurting me or vice versa. He is though an attention seeker and wouldn't let us leave his sight when we are at home. Does or did anyone have similar experience? Any advices would be great!
And he keeps wee-ing in his bed, anything we could do to stop him from doing it please?
Thank you all in advance!
Here is a photo of sleeping Sparky. 😊
:welcome3: to EBN! Sparky is a cutie. This could be a sign of jealousy or protective. I am guessing he wants all the attention. Do not encourage this, as it could later turn to aggression. Insist that he stay down and sit until you are ready to pet him-you will have to be persistant with this. As for peeing in his bed-what IS his bed? A blanket in the crate,a bed on the floor? Is he potty trained otherwise? Some bullies just can not have bedding-they will pee on it. That seems to be an unusual trait that many bullies have. Some grow out of it,some don't.
He sure IS a cutie :) And as far as the buttin in on affection, I wholeheartedly agree with Manydogs as to watch this as it could change to aggression,,,,like 'keeping his 'pack' in line type thing. Hank does want 'in' on hugs and is cute about it but it still has to be on my/our terms NOT his! Hate to say that but from some of my lessons with bulldogs, you do (at least I do) need to stay ahead of their wants and needs, and they do need to know that your head master. They are so precious and we want to shower them with everything their little hearts desire, but do watch this behavior ;) enjoy, and this is such a great group.. keep sharing and more pictures please :)
What a cutie pie!! Those wrinkles!!!

All our bullies have done this... not sure what it means but they were not aggressive in their actions-- we take that they want the attention-- my sister tells me her GSDs are the same way.

We do end up including them after the stop jumping and sit for us.

Can you get video next time and post?

Wetting bed... remove all bedding and see if it stops. Some dogs just can't have bedding of any

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Thank you for your advice [MENTION=8741]Manydogs[/MENTION]! We certainly will try this and be persistent. Will let you know how we go. ��

He has a bed on the floor and he is potty trained. He normally is very good, however, once a day or every 2 days he'd wet the bed. And he knows he's done wrong because every time after he peeing his bed, he goes to a corner and hides there. We are considering take his bed away and hopefully this problem will go away.

A picture of him sleeping on his bed.


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Hello Hankster! Thank you so much for this! We for sure will watch this behaviour. Other than this and wetting his bed, he's perfect. He hasn't been in our lives for long but we love him very much already.
We agree this is a great group, will keep sharing. :)
Hi 2BullyMama! Thank you very much for your comment! We think he wants attention too, doesn't like to be left alone. Will try to get a video next time.
Last night we took his bed away and he went to his potty to pee like he normally would. He probably is one of those just can't have bedding. :eek:

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