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  • I didn't know you were in Toms did I not know that? I am in Galloway, about 30 mins south. Tubs would love to have a play date when the weather gets nicer!!!!!
    So nice to meet you and YOUR Chunk!! He is so handsome LOVE the bowtie :) We think Chunk is an AMAZING name for bullies, and very apprpriate our guy is shaping up to be a big boy indeed! I may (or may not) be addicted to the EBN, love that I learn stuff all the time! Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi! Don't be a stranger!
    Herman is 6 months old (growing so quickly). I want him to stay a puppy, but I can't wait until he's 3 because I want another one LOL I figure I'll wait until then.
    Hmmmmm. I thin about two weeks total but I remember by day 4 seeing a big improvement. I think around day 7 the eye started to look weird. Her ulcer was really deep so I would assume if Chunk's wasn't really deep the healing time would be less.

    Does it look like it is better?

    One other thing I have found from talking to the vets is that if they have dry eye they will need drops forever. A healthy diet is important but nothing will help them like the prescription drops. In the fall I am going to take Lucy to another eye specialist just to get a third opinion. I love Dr. Clinton but I just want to make sure we are doing all that we can for her. Never hurts to have someone else weigh in. Next to Clinton my vet likes the eye specialist at the new facility called Northstar. It is near Jackson NJ. Not sure if you have heard of them? I'll let you know how we make out.
    We are in Burlington Township. If you are not familiar--we are in between Cherry Hill and Princeton exit 52B off 295. I remember you took Chunk to Dr Clinton's in Medford. We are about 15 minutes from there (off 541)

    Good luck to Chunk! Let me know how his eye is healing. Don't freak out if it lstarts to look weird--kinda foggy and hazy. Lucy had an ulcer once before we realized she had dry eye and when that thing started to heal she looked like she was possessed. It eventually went back to normal but I called Dr. Clinton's office in a panic and they explained to me that that is part of the healing. Whew. that was a relief!!
    Hi Chunksmama,

    I believe you mentioned that Chunk will be having surgery(neutered) soon. I realize you are still unsure if Chunk has "dry eye" but if he does it is important for the vet or the vet techs to administer eye drops prior or during surgery to keep the eyes lubricated.

    It may be worth it to ask them to put drops in so he is more comfortable when he wakes up. I read an article about this and I can't seem to find it to share with you--but I'l keep looking.

    I hope Chunk's eye is feeling better. Lucy sends a big hug and kiss.
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