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Oct 13, 2010
Fort Worth
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Greetings everyone. We are Jerry and Tiffany from Fort Worth. We are owned by our 3 year old boy Brody. We have been active in other online forums and stumbled across this website today.

Brody is an active Bully that has stolen our hearts. He is an epileptic bulldog, but that does not slow him down. He loves to play with his toys, naps at our feet, chewing on his older Boston terrier brother yogi, and of course, he loves his noms!

Looking foreword to getting to know the rest of the gang here...





Jerry and Tiffany..
Hello and welcome!!!

I love the pics of Brody, what a great looking Bully!
yay so glad to see more bullies from tx!!! they are so precious and welcome everyone is soooo nice and helpful around here!!!
Welcome Jerry,Tiffany and Brody!!!! He is so handsome!!!! We love pics and if you have any questions big or small someone can answer them. Also we love to hear about yur bully antics so dont hesitate to tell us.:bully:
We are very happy you joined us, there are some great forums out there so we are glad you dropped in :). If you have any questions at all our team will be happy to help, we have added as many fun features as we could find.

I also think you may have found a new pal for Brody, his name is Vegas and he looks a lot like your boy and also has seizures. [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] will be thrilled that you joined us!
YAY! I'm excited. I'm excited that I get to talk to someone that experiences these seizures. What type does he have. Vegas has focal facial seizures...he is also 3 years old. He was diagnosed when he was 10 months old. I can't wait to talk to your family more about little Brody. [MENTION=1373]Jerry[/MENTION]
welcome Tiffany, Jerry and Brody..... You have found a great site....love the pictures.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!!!

Libra. Brody has Grand mal seizures and focal motor seizures. his seizure activity is like what your boy vegas goes through. They usually are the same intensity and duration. Brody has had cluster episodes in the past as well. I wish that we did not have all this experience with them, but unfortunately we do. Tiffany and I have learned, as you have, that it is far more painful for us to watch, than it is for Brody to go through. Brody is on phenobarb and sodium bromide for control and we have a valium protocol we use on him when he does seize. most of the time he will go months in between seizure activity, but recently it seems we are fighting them every 3-4 weeks. We are hopping that we are going to be out of this cycle soon..
Brody is such a cutie! :heart:

We are waiting to find out if Maggie has epilepsy or not. If it is epilepsy then so far they have only been partial seizures and the only reason we have noticed them is because of her strange behavior afterwards - the constant pacing and sniffing that often continues for 3 hours. We are hoping and praying that it won't happen again! :pray:

Welcome to the site ... it is WONDERFUL!!!
Welcome! you've found an awesome bullie site! Love the pictures, Brody is beautiful! @%1;[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION]@%1; I'm sure is so happy you've joined, you will have lots to talk about!
Welcome to the whole family! I hope you spend many happy hours here.

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