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Oct 14, 2010
Hi Everyone
I'm Genea. Just joined today. I look forward to reading and getting to know everyone. I do not have a bulldog. I have wanted one for a long time but have heard so many stories about them fighting and being aggressive with other dogs that I'm afraid to get one. I have a Miniature Schnauzer, Shih Tzu and a Maltese. I wouldn't want to ever put them in danger so I was wondering if you all could give me your opinions and advice. Do you trust your BD with your other dogs? Look forward to hearing from everyone
welcome! I'm sure you will get many responses to your question. In my opinion, if you get your EB as a puppy and ensure that you are the "pack leader" and properly train the dog, all should be well. Also, be sure to contact EB rescue groups in your area, as they always have many EBs available for adoption and will be able to help with any concerns you may have about bringing the dog into your family. Fostering may also be a good idea!
Welcome to EBN! If you are getting a bully as a pup I can't see there being any issue as long as, like laurentourville said, you establish yourself as pack leader. There is anything I have seen or heard myself that makes me think English Bulldogs are anymore prone to fighting than anyother breed. I got a beagle puppy when my Samson was 1.5 years old and they have never had ANY problems. They love eachother, they have gotten scrappy once or twce over rawhide bones but thats about it and it wasn't like an actual fight. They eat next to eachother even though I have heard bullies can be food aggressive I haven't seen that with my pups, just a bit possessive with the bones.
we have a 9 month old eb and a 2 yr old lab and they are two peas in a pod they have so much fun w each other and keep each other occupied... a main question is do your other dogs get along w other dogs, thats when things can go bad. and also are they male or female, are you wanting to get a male or female eb. usually 2 males dont get along, we go lucky and the lab is so laid back and doesnt really care. we trust them together just dont trust them alone together were afraid the lab might lay on the eb and sufficate him so they are seperate when were gone... eb's are wonderful little guys so laid back and ours is very protective over his girls not in a bad way he thinks he has to protect us when my bf isnt home!!!
Hi Genea!! It all depends on their personality. Just like with any dog some dont do well with other dogs..not because its an EB. I have a 3yr old that we've had about 2 mnths and he is very submissive. Make sure if you do bring one into your home you spend some time with him/her first to see what their personality is like. Make sure they aren't food aggressive since that is usually the main issue for fighting also if the EB is unconfident and seems skiddish that is not good because fear in another reason for fights. If you didnt have any other dogs these things wouldnt matter but when bringing another pet into a home with pets you just have to make sure that they will fit in. So as long as you really get to know the dog first whether an EB or not and make sure its personality is compatible with your home there shouldnt be any problem.
I agree with all the other posts. Oh and welcome by the way. :) I had my bully and he was about a year when we got our puppy pug and from day 1 they were the bestest of friends. Yes they can argue with each other from time to time like brothers do but never have they fought and I have always trusted them together alone with no problems. (aside from the damage they can do to the house or furniture when bored) I think if your other dogs like other animals and you get a puppy you should be fine and all will fall into place. Not saying that getting a rescue wouldnt work also but that would be a little trickier if the bully was older to establish who is the pack leader etc. So glad to see someone thinking about their purchase rather than just impulse buying and regretting later. :)
Welcome Genea! I agree with the posts above. The only other option would be to rescue one that you know is dog friendly. However, even if that is the case your dogs would also need to not have alpha personalities. I am not sure if with so many other dogs rescue is an option but it would not hurt to apply if there is a rescue close by. I think either way you will find the bulldog you are searching for. For the most part, English Bulldogs are usually NOT aggressive. They can become aggressive if not trained properly or if they are trained exclusively to be so.

Please keep us posted, we would love to hear back from you!
welcome to the site. This is the perfect place to ask questions. I have 3 dogs and a cat. There never is truly "fights" amongst any of them. My bullies were the last thing to add to the family. They are both a little possessive over me, if one is on my lap, the other wants on my lap. If strange dog comes up to me, they will run to me and growl to protect me, once they know I am not in danger, they are fine. I do notice with Abby (my 9yo) that she is very vocal with dogs bigger than her. It is as if she is threatened by a bigger dog, smaller ones are not a bother at all. Again all of our friends have dogs and visit with them often, she never has attacked or gotten into fights with them.
A lot of people who have never been around Bullies assume they are mean. All of my bullies are just babies!!!!! Sweet and gentle, lovable and snuggle Bunnies.
Thank you all the nice welcome and the great advice. I really appreciate it.
The only one of my dogs that could be a problem, is my Maltese. He can be a little jealous sometimes but I think if I got a puppy then it would be ok. I don't think he would do well with bringing an older dog in. And would definitely have to be a female. I'm definitely going to keep researching and looking for just the right puppy for us.
I love the picture of Winston and Mookie. They are adorable :heart::heart:
I'm sure i'll have lots more questions
Thanks again
if you plan on getting a puppy, please read the puppy buying tips so you don't get scammed!
I guess I'm the only one on here so far that has an aggressive bulldog... But I rescued him and I knew full well he is very dominant. His past owner never neutered him and thought it was funny when he would hump people. Then he started humping eveything, and his owner couldn't handle the situation. Then a lady adopted him and neutered him and worked with his humping tendency. At this time, if the other dog didn't want to be humped, Norm would attack them. But... it all goes with teaching them to be a well- socialized dog. They don't come that way... no breed does. To this day, he only has an issue with one of my other male dogs, and doesn't hump people or objects anymore. He will forever be a work in progress.
I have an 8 year old Shih Tzu and I have to say.. Chester (our Bully)..is the most laid back dog. It's our shih tzu (Milo) that will nip at his face and growl at him. I have never heard Chester growl and he is over 10 months old. When they are playing, Chester can't really keep up with Milo - Chester is too bulky and slow, but if he does catch him somehow, he won't do anything but nudge him with his head. Chester is a "gentle giant". :yes:
Welcome Genea! I can't add a lot to what's already been said. Our Gracie is very friendly to every dog we've met. And fairly fine but sometimes extremely timid around people. But she was apparently socialized with a lot of dogs at the breeders she grew up around. We'll never know why she's so afraid of sounds and some other things, but just seems to love going to Pet Smart or other "doggie" stores we've taken her to where she's met other dogs and cats. She is just fine once we get through those noisy scary moving doors.

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