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Welcome to the July Fromm Family Foods Contest!


If this is the first page you are viewing on our forum, then I really must tell you more about our site before you go! We have a lot of fun here with many events, discussions, daily "Bully" poll, and articles. We welcome all members or if you have a question about your bully's health or care, we are happy to give whatever advice and experiences we can share. We hope you check out all our different forums and share your bully experiences with us!:up:

About this contest:

This months contest is going to test your writing skills along with your feelings toward your beloved bully(s)! Your subject is your bulldogs, so write them a poem, either to them or about them, in any poetry form. Please include a photo of your bully.

  • Your poem must have the name(s) of the bulldogs you are writing about in it somewhere at least once.
  • Include a well lit photo of your bully
  • Please keep your poem under 500 words
  • Don't forget your poem's TITLE!
  • Only one poem per user please! If you submit more than one poem we will only enter the first poem submitted.
  • All Bulldog moms, dads, and family members are welcome to enter our contest
  • After July 22 we will no longer accept entries.
  • All poem entries will be submitted to Fromm Family Foods staff who will choose the winner.
  • Winner will be announced on or around August 1st.
  • Once you enter your poem in this contest you are giving English Bulldog News and Fromm Family Foods permission to publish it on their website and newsletter correspondence, and possible future items such as calendars and greeting cards.
  • Your poem must belong to you. Copyright laws forbid you from entering any material that was not written by you in your own words.
  • You must be a registered member of English Bulldog News and submit your poem by replying to this topic.
  • We apologize but the contest winner must reside in the USA or Canada :(
  • If you reside outside of the USA or Canada and you win, we will have the prize sent to any English Bulldog Rescue of winners choice in the USA or Canada.
Winner of this contest will receive the following prizes:
  • A voucher for a FREE 26lb bag of ANY of the Fromm Four Star formulas!
  • Poem will be featured on our Home Page for one month
  • Poems submitted will randomly be published in our Bulldog Poetry section
  • Poem will appear in our monthly newsletter

How to Enter:
Just simply reply to this topic with your poetry and photo! :up:

If you are interested in becoming a 4 Paw Member to get additional perks to being a member of English Bulldog News, CLICK HERE

This Contest is sponsored by Fromm Family Foods!




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Jul 6, 2017
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Bulldog(s) Names
Daisy Mae

Dearest Daisy Mae
Bulldog of my heart
You brighten up my day
Even when you fart!

Dearest little bully
You make belly laugh
Your smile is so silly
Makes me think you’re daft

Dearest little Daisy
I watch you chase the cat
But otherwise you’re lazy
Sleeping on the sunlit mat

(c) 2017 - Kat DeFreece, Kansas City MO


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Oct 14, 2013
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Bulldog(s) Names

(A Margie haiku)

Margie has one flaw.
No, not the wrinkles and folds.
Please. Stop the snoring!



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Dec 10, 2016
Bulldog(s) Names

"Bulldogs are a gift"
By: Toni Brown

I have a bulldog, his name is Sarge.
When he was a puppy he was so tiny, but as of late he is quite large.
He came into my life when I needed him the most. He needed me so much that I held him close.
He grew to love me like no other dog before. He stole my heart forever more.
The bulldog breed is special indeed. They are sweet and kind and stubbornly funny. Bulldogs love so unconditionally, you only need to own one to see!
Their love is so big, they win you over. Not a typical dog that you would call Rover.
The snuggles and kisses go on and on, their eyes, their smiles, the half cocked head could go on for miles.
Remember one thing when your heart needs a lift, that always and forever that bulldog is a gift!


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Apr 17, 2012
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Custer, Maisie, Mosby and a cat who thinks he is a bulldog
Re: ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm Family Foods "Write A Poem To Your Bulldog" Contest

An Ode to our Boy

A wonderful boy is our Custer;
a boy with much joy and much bluster.
A boy sweet as pie.
A boy never shy.
A boy who for baths - hard to muster.

He came to us just as a pup,
from a rescue where he had been dumped.
He was covered in mange,
with chin acne, how strange.
“Do you want him?” she said, we said “Yup.”

So off to our home we did go,
with our mange-y new boy right in tow.
Once we got him all settled,
he tested our mettle
by showing he’d never heard “NO”

But once that boy did settled in
OH, how he did SO make us grin.
He is fun as can be
it was easy to see
that our hearts he truly did win!

Custer loves playing will balls,
You can find them all over our halls.
He loves chasing the cat,
beach sitting on mats
And leaving his slobber on walls!

Our Cus is now turning gray,
so we love him more every day.
Inside he’s still young
with a long sloppy tongue,
we still smile as we watch him play.

You see Custer is now part of WE
A threesome, our own family,
where love sure abounds,
with two people, one hound.
A love story, I’m sure you agree!



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Oct 19, 2010

Oh Wellington, you handsome dog,
you're struck by Cupid's arrow.
You just eat the smelly bone,
but give your love the marrow.

You kiss her ear.
You lick her rear.
You really can't resist her.

She sits and growls
and bites your jowls.
You fool, she is your sister!

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Thank you for your entries! They will be sent to Fromm to choose the winner.
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