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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

My name is Daisy Mae and I'm 3yrs old. I came into the club because my elderly parents couldn't take care of me anymore. My mom got the news from the dogtor that I most likely had B Cell Leukemia and she said she would rather "let me go". The dogtor didn't want to "let me go", so she asked mom to surrender me to this club for bullies like me!

My foster family has been working to teach me that there is plenty of food and love for me in their world. I was not getting alot of food at my previous home. Also I have been seeing this really cool dogtor and she sent my blood work to the University of Colorado to make sure my diagnosis was correct. Indeed it is correct BUT....I have the benign B Cell Lympocytosis!!! I'M GONNA LIVE!!! My foster family is SO HAPPY!!!

The University is going to test my blood work every 3 to 6 months for FREE for life!!!

They say I am a very interesting case that they want to keep an eye on!!!

I'm probably going to be a celebrity in this Club IEBR so you should keep an eye on me for sure.

So far my foster family has discovered that I really like to chew. I may have chewed on their sofa a bit to much... I also am having trouble holding my pee at night. We are trying medicine for that and we are going to have the dogtor also do some more tests. I'm just a little love bug and I need food, love and attention. What every diva needs I would say!

Love, Daisy


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