Another day another bad boy Vegas!!


I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried!
Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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After an EXTREMELY busy day at work, I came home took Vegas out to potty, gave him a snack and just wanted to sit a veg for a bit, But Vegas wanted to play, I told him later and got on the computer, I look over at his cage and see he has taken my kitchen rug and was chewing on it, he has NEVER done this, brat just wanted my attention!!



yesterday it was my sandwich, today my rug, he is full of himself the last couple days
[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION], oh shoot should I have posted this under pictures?? sorry.
[MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION] I think either is fine :)

I sure love the second pic.... he looks soooo guilty!
that is hilarious!!!! the other day i noticed that i hadnt seen our lab bo around in a while "which is bad" so i go around the house looking for him. found him in the girls play room, he took paper out of the bottom drawer "that was left open" and had started shredding and eating paper :bust:
[MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION] ,,,,, You can't possibly be angry with that face, can you??? :lug: Vegas is soooooo cute!!!!!!
Ha ha what a naughty boy! You need to explain to him about "Santa's watching him", and he'll get "coal in his stocking". It worked WONDERS with Gertie and Ida.
LOL at pic number 2 .... the look on his face says it all ... " But I'm so pwetty you're going to do nuffink about it ... ha!"
I often wonder if people on EBN realize that there are 2 Vegas's on here. After all, they both have the same bully-tude and pull the same antics. It's almost as if they are related.
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] You know us hardcore EBN members do :)

[MENTION=574]TessaAndSamson[/MENTION], damn right we hard core EBN, members Know the difference!!!!! :lol: There is Vegas R and Vegas B...[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION], Red and my Brindle as Libra pointed out months ago!
Oh that's funny! I guess he was retaliating! Lola will do that sometimes but when she does it is usually with my clothes, for whatever reason. She will somehow get into the hamper (or if I miss the hamper and they sit on my closet room floor) and chew on my clothes. Why i have not clue....she got my favorite, favorite and most expensive bra the other day. I went to put it on and said "why in the heck is this thing wet" was on my bed with the clothes I was going to wear that day. I then smelled it and doggie breath/spit! YUCK! She was retaliating because instead of me getting myself ready for WORK she wanted me to love on her! They are a mess....but love love them so much!

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