1. P

    Does anything really work to eliminate tear stains?

    Hello bulldog lovers! I have a puppy 7 months old. She has REALLY bad tear stains and I need help figuring out what to do. She had a little staining when we got her at 8 weeks. At that time she was on Fromm Puppy food. The breeder suggested switching to Victor Performance food as that is what...
  2. dymeale

    Raw Feeding

    Calling all my raw feeders!!! I am still having issues with my poor Nikolas. I started him on rabbit and he did great, his nose looked healthy, his folds went from being extremely raw to clearing up and he grew his fur back, his tear stains went away. He was on rabbit for a little over a month...
  3. KrysA724

    The inevitable is a reality!

    So, as you all know, I was having issues with Brisket and his tear stains, some redness, and some itching on his skin. We tried using witch hazel, tear stain cream, switching from grain to grain-free food, adding allergy medication, and no luck. He's 4 months old, and my husband and I have made...
  4. KrysA724

    Tear stains suddenly

    So Brisket has been eating Fromm puppy gold, and it is not grain free, but I do plan on transitioning to it soon, however he has been getting into the habit of getting into Oreos food and he is eating Fromm with grain( it’s the chicken a la veg) and his tear stains have been getting dark. Both...
  5. Amy89

    Tear soreness

    Hi All Hope you are all keeping safe. I am sorry if there is already a post I cant find it Bruce's wrinkles where his tear stains are, are getting red and look really sore. How can I treat this or is it a trip to the vets? Thanks in advance
  6. helsonwheels

    Jake’s Checkup

    I usually don’t post on little things like checkups but I went in today as Jake has been tearing from one eye. Doesn’t bother him at all but still went after 3 days. Basically it’s one eyelash bothering him. No scratches or anything n not really growing towards his eye. Will eventually but it’s...
  7. RiiSi

    Finally a product that really works for those tear stains!

    Hi guys! I know that many of you work your a***s off trying to keep those beautiful bulldog faces clean and stain free. All my bulldogs have white faces and those stains are really an eye sore. Voittos other ear also use to get really dirty quickly. My bullies stains were not too bad, but still...
  8. C

    General Question Acana Kibble, RAW or both?

    Hi all, New member here! I have been reading the threads here and thought I'd join as I have a couple of questions. I currently have two British Bulldogs who are 18 months old. They've been fed kibble as their main morning and night meal, however for about a month they were having canned...
  9. E

    General Question Crusts on edge of ears

    We have a 2 year old English Bulldog who has crusts on the edge of his ears. He seems to have mild seasonal allergies and we give him Zyrtec for this. The crusts on the ears do not seem to change with the seasons. He eats ZiwiPeak Lamb and does very well on it - no tear stains at all. Does...
  10. Hanks dad

    Newbie from Philly- who’s in PA????

    Hello and I am Nick from Philadelphia suburbs and proud new owner of a 4.5 month old pure breed English bulldog!!! We got him 2 months ago and 29lbs ago up near NYC. I have been doing the new dog owner food shuffle from the Breeders choice of cow food Royal Canin and currently landed on TOTW...
  11. S

    Puppy advice

    Hello All, We now have a bulldog puppy (Male, 12 weeks old) in our family and was hoping to go over a few questions and concerns if I may ... I noticed when reading over previous puppy threads some advice to not give string tugs or rawhides and wanted to find out the reason for this...
  12. V

    Nose rope..

    Good evening all. It’s that time of year again... Lola’s allergies. Over the past week her tear stains and scratching have started again. We are controlling the tear stains and scratching (just about) But I came home from work today and saw her nose rope looking sore.. We changed her diet...
  13. V


    Good afternoon all. I have a question but first just to keep you updated on Lola. She is doing really well since being spayed. The wound was infected but it has cleared up completely now. The laminate flooring has helped in my opinion with her allergies/scratching. She hardly scratches...
  14. B

    Tear stains help!!!

    Hello everyone, does anyone have any remedies or products to remove tear stains? King’s stains are getting pretty bad. Thanks in advance
  15. W

    New EB owner- question on food and tear stains

    Hello all, I recently adopted an 8 month old EB from a family that was feeding him Science Diet Puppy Food. All his stools are solid and he’ll eat it up like it’s his last meal. The only issue I see is he has really bad tear stains and the folds are constantly wet from years with he occasional...
  16. S

    Allergies & Food

    Hi All Happy New Year. My Red has been eating Stella & Chewy Raw Blend Red meat recipe for months now and his tear stains went away with this food. In the last couple weeks the tearing has started up again and he is back to licking his paws. I'm also using Zertec. Just wondering if I need to...
  17. taytoD

    How to tell if food is good choice?

    I've done a lot of reading up on what to feed my tator tot. I ended up with Orijen puppy and have been feeding 2 cups a day for about 6 months. He really likes it but I notice his face always seems a bit pink and he's got tear stains. Wondering if he may be sensitive to the chicken in the food...
  18. Bender

    Bender's Cancer Journey (so far)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share Bender's story and current status with hopes that it helps another furbaby out there. Bender initially presented with lameness in his left forelimb and underwent x-rays to determine the cause. The first round of x-rays showed no sign of cancer but indicated...
  19. LolaLover

    Eye irritation

    I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice regarding eye irritation. Lola's eyes constantly water and she gets tear stains. I keep underneath her eye clean and try to keep it dry, I also use some Desitin cream to help keep it dry. But now it looks like the very top of her eyelid where her...
  20. S

    Stella and Chewy

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Stella and Chewy Raw blend red meat recipe I switched Red from Fromm pork and peas and his tear stains and paw itching went away bit the gas is horrible. Was told to try Nature vet enzymes plus probiotics and I think it might be even worse Any...