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  • The boyfriend is born/raised in Chicago..... I am Philly born and raised. I agree to the names cause they fit the pup and they are cool/different and have meaning behind them, at least to Lewis they do and when the personality of the pup develops it seems to really fit, well, OK... Banks was the exception, Ernie was so laid back and Banks, well... she was her version of 'Banks'. :D
    :christmas34::snowballfight::christmas34: The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOT YOU!
    was just thinking of you and wanted to check in.... so sorry he has not given you any info (I read Tracey's posts ;) .... best of luck and I am sending lots of hugs and prayers to you and Daisy
    I'm so sorry that it has gotten to this point, but good for you for filing the papers!!! He has to understand that he had NO right to give Daisy away w/out your consentā€¦ I'm so sorry you are having to deal w/this, and I hope that you can find precious Daisy SOON!!!
    Is he still trying to get you back?!! Very odd way of showing that he caresā€¦ I really hope that he comes to his senses and you don't have to head to court :(
    I can't tell you how SORRY I am for this whole thingā€¦ I know you are hurting right now, but if he had ANY love for Daisy he must of placed her in a somewhat "safe" home so try not to worry about her well being so much. You WILL get her back, it will just be a matter of time. You really DON'T deserve this, it's total BSā€¦ and I don't understand how someone could do this to another person. STAY STRONGā€¦ you are the better person in this, don't stoop to his level. This may be his only way of keeping in touch w/youā€¦ now that things are over.
    You know that I'm always here for you girlfriend, NO MATTER WHAT!!! I've missed seeing you on here, and I take it that you have been busyā€¦ sending you lots of hugs and prayers!!! :hug:
    I know you are a nail polish junkie, to make a long story short, I won a basket of over $300 in OPI products. I took what i wanted out of it and made gift bags for people and I thought of you and would like to send you one. PM me your address.
    Sheena, sorry for the delay!! I am with the IBR :) We are headquartered in Indianapolis but we cover all of IN and parts of OH and KY. We are always looking for volunteers in all these areas! :)
    :cake4: Spat! It's EBN'S birthday and you just got caked! I got you first! So now you have to get 5 other members, but you can't get me back!
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