1. nubonics

    Mild Vaginitis

    Jojo was diagnosed with mild vaginitis today. Earlier before calling/going to the vet, after she peed, I saw a really long light green strip of mucus hanging from her girl bits. Jo went into heat early and was spayed sometime after 5 months. She is 8 months now. When I called the vet, she asked...
  2. C

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I think I’ve spent more time on this forum than I’ve spent working lately :excited: This is our little 3 month old EBD girl, Snickers (she’ll also accept Nugget, Squishy, baby shark, or literally anything if you have a treat in your hand) We just wanted to say hi and thanks in...
  3. mer55

    New BAD behavior!

    Good morning! Jackson will be 1 in 2 weeks! He is social, loveable, but in bulldog terms, very stubborn! I can usually redirect him in controlled situations, but lately we have VERY BAD behavior and I am at a loss for how to correct. Hoping all you great bulldog gurus can help! We spend alot of...
  4. iBully

    12 week old EB girl Zsa Zsa says hello all!

    Hi everyone, We got our EB girl Zsa Zsa at 8 weeks old, she is now 12 weeks old. She is my second EB girl. My first EB girl Layla lived almost 12 years. I lost her almost 2 years ago. She was the sweetest love of my life. I couldn't imagine having any other dog but an EB. Now that I have...
  5. oscarmayer

    For those that have Netflix...

    and maybe for those that don't, but have access to a source see "Ride Like a Girl" it's a good(horse racing) film about Michelle Payne's life and struggles leading up to her Melbourne Cup win. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  6. TooTooMommy

    Babesiosis (tick-borne) disease ....sooo worried! :-(

    PLEASE, PLEASE watch your babies for TICKS !!!!!!!! **UPDATE 2 days later ** (6/13/20) Our precious 9-year-old girl crashed in the critical care unit when she stopped breathing. They intubated her, but she did not make it. :( She had been at the specialty hospital overnight and had done...
  7. sisters3

    My Girl Joey is FIVE YEARS OLD !!

    Dear Joey.... I will NEVER be able to explain the JOY you've brought into my life. My best friend FOREVER...… Happy Birthday Sweet Girl and MANY MANY MANY more!!!!! Love, Mom
  8. xsubsailor

    A Girl and her Kong

  9. TheIncredibleSulk23

    Update on our little girl!

    Hi all, It's been a while since introducing our pending arrival, Rebel; but I've been saving a few pictures and videos up which have been sent from our breeder. Rebel is growing up wonderfully well as you will see! We are in constant contact which is brilliant, having pictures, videos and...
  10. S

    DNA & Color Testing

    So it’s time to get my dogs tested. My girl is obviously a black Merle. My boy is a chocolate tri. I’m Looking into color testing. Some of the tests aren’t necessary but I’m a little overwhelmed on which tests I actually should do. Should I go and ahead and do a full panel color testing + Merle...
  11. TheIncredibleSulk23

    Hi all, soon to be new Bully owner here......

    Hi to you all, I am soon to be adding our new baby Bully to our already amazing family at the end of June and wanted to join the community to share our adventures and draw on all of your advice, tips and tricks etc. I am the wrong side of 35, married to my best friend and have 4 amazing human...
  12. R

    Needing food advice!

    I have two English Bulldogs. I took the advice from a bulldog owner to feed them Earthborn taste of the wilderness dog food and my dogs were stunning. Beautiful coats! I went to a vet who is supposed to specialize in English bulldogs and was advised that grain free is the fastest way to kill a...
  13. EllieMay

    Some trouble with Cinder

    My baby girl has been having a hard time the past couple weeks. I noticed her giving to her right leg a bit and took her in to get checked.. Luxating patella, grade 2 was the diagnosis...we did a full set of xrays just to be sure ( I was worried about her hips or a torn ligament) . Vet said the...
  14. L

    Heats turn into silent heats?

    I hope I'm posting in the correct section. I have a bitch that bled quite a bit during her first two heats. Her last heat was due in August. Her vulva swelled and stayed swollen for 14 days, but she never bled and never showed interest in letting my male try to mount her, so I skipped out on...
  15. B

    She snores louder than my dad

    She was a rescue that came from Florida. Was told she might of been used in puppy Mill breeding. She has been with us since Dec, 18th and we love her. She snores, farts and gives me sad eyes when I am eating something and i give in. She has a special spot by me where she sleeps every night. I am...
  16. S

    Puppy size

    I know all bulldogs are different size but just wondering if anyone on here can remember the weight at 15 ish weeks our girl is 9.2kg she is short and cobby. On another forum a member posted the weight of his dog at 16 weeks was 15kg 😮 That seems big to me.
  17. S

    Vitamins or additives to help

    My 14 week old girl has a lazy back leg, I have read somewhere that you can give something to help I believe it's something to do with calcium or some sort of deficiency in vitamins but can't remember what can help. Has anyone heard of anything that could help? Thanks
  18. L

    General Question New bulldog mom

    I am a new bulldog mom to a 10 month old girl named Harper Jane. She was a rescue I took her in and I am completely lost. She has been fully vetted, up to date on everything, going to be fixed on the 20th. I got her 5 days ago and when she first came to me her poop was runny, now it’s in the...
  19. S

    Maisie's first walk on the beach.

    Our little girl Maisie was 13 weeks old when we took her for a walk on the beach. She is only small at 8kg. We bumped into another bully pup that was 4 months old he was massive compared to our girl lol.
  20. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Lucy~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    11/8/16: Please welcome Lucy! Lucy has been a happy, healthy, spoiled bully living a great life! But she has been struggling to share her life with her brother. He is just too bouncy and energetic for Lucy and this causes her stress, anxiety and she gets a little too nasty! Her family...