1. Frost

    Looking too try Zigniture food

    Hello, I been feeding Bruno Royal Canin since I got him from the breeder a month and a half ago. His undercoat is pink and his poop has shape but soft when I pick it up. I’m thinking he may have allergies to chicken. So I’m about 1/4 left In the bag and want to try zigniture but not sure about...
  2. A

    Introducing a new littermate to an adult male

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to get some input on knowing when the right time is to introduce a puppy. Cooper is now a little over a year old and loves other dogs and people. Our “breeder” recommended we purchase another puppy for him before he is 2 years old. Is that a hard and fast rule? I’m in...
  3. mer55


    Jackson has his brother and "uncle" with him for the next 5 days. I started here at EBN 8 years ago with Bogey, "the uncle". Ruger is Jackson's brother- all from the same breeder. Loving every minute of having 3 bullies under my roof!!
  4. Olliesworld

    first English bulldog owner!!help

    Hi guys! I found this site & it’s a saver!!! I will be getting Ollie (8 weeks) on Tuesday. I am a little nervous because he is my first dog, and my dream dog. I’ve been doing lots of research... I need help finding a good food. The breeder lives far and I can’t find his kibble anywhere. Do...
  5. Frost

    Second Time EBD owner First time Raw feeder

    So thebfirst EBD I owned had all sorts of food allergies and had a constant troubles sticking to one brand that would work long enough. Just when you thought hurray! it would quickly damn! I decided I would try the Raw diet craze, yesterday I picked up my 10 Week old male from the Breeder. I was...
  6. TheIncredibleSulk23

    Update on our little girl!

    Hi all, It's been a while since introducing our pending arrival, Rebel; but I've been saving a few pictures and videos up which have been sent from our breeder. Rebel is growing up wonderfully well as you will see! We are in constant contact which is brilliant, having pictures, videos and...
  7. A

    Bad breeding/bad genetics does it always equal a dog with issues?

    So, Cooper (male, neutered) is coming up to a year old soon. The breeder gave a whelp date that is different than her website. Our understanding now, is that he was removed from his mother and litter mates and crated alone (on top of other crates) at around 5-6 weeks. We brought him home at 8...
  8. L

    ***New - Feeding Help

    Hello, my name is Liz. I have a 4 month old English Bulldog named Rocco. We've had him for 2 months now. Breeder had him on kibbles since the day we brought him home and as first time parents of course we continued his feeding with kibbles. He will eat his kibbles okay. I introduced him to...
  9. SamiSalo

    Help Needed! Kidney Stones - Stent

    Hi. Looking for info ahead of my consultation tomorrow. Family vet is closed through Easter (today too), so I'm missing their trusted opinion. Salo wouldn't stop throwing up so I took him to Emergency. Long story short, he has stones, one kidney is blocked. The specialist who did the...
  10. S

    Mamma sat on puppy and back legs wobbly

    Hello! I am looking at a sweet puppy from a wonderful home breeder. The puppy I picked was sat on by her mamma & now is having hind leg problems. She can stand (front legs seem very strong) & walks but is wobbly. She’s been seen by vet who is recommending therapeutic massage several times day...
  11. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Ruby & Tank~Bonded Pair of English Bulldogs Available for Adoption in Illinois

    I came into CEBR separately but have formed such a close bond and love for my foster brother Tank that CEBR has decided that we should be adopted as a bonded pair and stay with each other forever – Yay for us. You may have heard of us by our celebrity couple name #Truby. I’m 16 a month old...
  12. Jimbo K

    Where does a newbie find a bulldog?

    I’m sure there are people out there that make mistakes when they shop for an EBD. I posted on another thread about a shrink-a-bull, had no idea what the seller was talking about so I didn’t look into it. I got lucky as far as I’m concerned, I found a breeder in the finger lakes are of N.Y. I...
  13. T

    "Fly biting Syndrome" ??

    Hi all. My name is Todd. I am the proud owner of Walter, a male pure bred English bulldog. Being a long time dog owner, my dream dog was always an English bulldog. 1 year ago on November 16th, Walter was born. My wife and daughters being so amazing, surprised me by taking me to the moms house...
  14. EllieMay

    Interviewing veterinarians

    So I have used the same veterinarian for all my critters (which have been numerous) for the past 18 years... The problem - we moved to a different town in 2013 and it’s now almost a two hour drive for me. They are excellent with my horses and with my labs ( who are now senior citizens). I will...
  15. EllieMay

    Good morning.

    Hello. I just joined this forum this morning so that I could learn and research here. I have placed a reserve deposit with a breeder that’s less than two hours away from me. It will be quite a while before I actually have a bulldog in my home but I want to be prepared when I do. I am excited:-)
  16. mer55

    Elongated Palate

    Jackson had his vet check yesterday and the "rattle/congestion" we are hearing is from his elongated palate. Vet said it was "quite long" and he will bear watching. He said surgery would onky be done if necessary and when he is older. Should the breeder have mentioned this possibility when I...
  17. mer55

    Puppy congestion Jackson

    Good morning everyone! Some puppy issues with Jackson - he is going for his first vet check today and I need some advice. From the day we first met Jackson, when he was 5 weeks old,he had this sort of congested sound. It sounded like mucus in his throat. Breeder assured us he drinks too fast and...
  18. mer55

    Puppy feeding questions!

    I can't believe how much I have forgotten about puppies!!:blush2: Breeder told me to feed Jackson 1 to 1-1/2 cups PER meal- 3 meals a day. First night, I put in 11/2 cups and he barely ate half. Next morning, tried 1 cup and he ate only barely 3/4 of it. Lunch seems to be the time he eats the...
  19. mer55


    Hi all!! For all you food guru's out there: Jackson, our 8 week old pup came home with us yesterday.:P Breeder has him on Fromm's Puppy. Was glancing thru the latest posts on dog ratings and on Food Advisor it did not even make the list!! Are you still rating this as a good dog food? To refresh...
  20. mer55

    We are BAACK!

    Hello so many old friends and hopefully many new ones! It has been years since I was here- for those that remember, I had Bogey from 8 weeks, and at age 2, let my son take him while we traveled around the country in an RV which Bogey HATED! My son and Bogey bonded that summer and the rest is...