What does your user name mean? How did you come up with it?


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May 5, 2010
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It's been awhile since we visited this topic...so I thought I would start it again.
Tell us the meaning behind your user name. How did you come up with it?

Mine is easy. So easy and boring that I've been thinking of changing it up.
My sign is Libra. My birthday is 9-26;)
Dont you dare change it...that is you ...has been for a long time.....

Mine is Mom2bullies ...... When I started using it I had 2 bulldogs, Chesty and Cadi, Mom to 2 bullies, but now I am the mom to 4 bullies.... What is a mom to do????:confused:
I'm not very creative so it's my first name and the state I live in. I wanted to register and that's all I could come up with. :eek:
Lambchop and Porkchop were the names chosen by chris and connor for a bulldog puppy when we first decided on one.
However when We went to see her and the breeder asked me her name I just couldnt do it to her and she became Lucy.
Full name Lucy Lambchop.
I had noticed lots of moms and mommas when I was floating around the site before I joined but over here we are mums and mummys and I didnt think it had the same ring Lucymum Lucysmummy :lol:
What? You don't think Pita's mom? Or VegasAndOrion? Or BullyBrat? ItWasn'tMe? I can think up of several that would suit us better!
I have a friend who named their dogs Pork and Beans. One is a pug and the other is a yorkie mix.
Mine was rayers and why? My last name is ayers and the first intial of my husbands first name, not sure why I picked that actually :confused: thats why yesterday I changed it to Luvin My Bullie. I changed it to something that meant something to me, because I luv my Chaos. Never knew I could luv a dog so much :eek:
Mine is pretty obvious.. my name is Stella and I am a plumber ;) :lol:

Oh my gosh that one brought tears to my eyes.... :LMAO: :LMAO: :LMAO:

We live in the desert, and there is nothing more gorgeous than our sunrises and sunsets. Especially during the summer when we have monsoon season. I can take my camera outside every night and get pictures. Thus the 'desert sky' part of my name. I was going to go with desert sunset, but it was just too long!


I really should have chosen another name. Like loadsofkids or bullyobsessed or wrinklecleaner but hey, I wasn't thinking at the time. :whistle:
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My former user name was Indianfox (given to me randomly by a program I don't even remember which anymore). People thought I was Indian so I changed it. I live in Fontana, CA so I changed it to Fontanafox.
My given name is Laura. As a teen I shortened it to Lari because I wanted to be different and didn't want to use the Laurie my mom always used. I've used the name ever since.

I've been called Larry more times than I can count because a lot if people read Lari with a long A but I don't mind.

I use Lari for my sign up name most places, but it was too short here so I added the P for our last name.
Mine is pretty obvious.. my name is Stella and I am a plumber ;) :lol:

So nice to meet you Stella, I've got this leak in my pipes....can we talk about that? :lol:

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