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  • Thank you Cali for welcoming me �� Hope I can get this down lol I'm with Brilloluna on not being very good at learning how forums work �� I'm old school So it take me a little bit longer than most! That's why I didn't do much when I first joined ��
    Hi- even though I signed up a few years ago, I'm not too good with learning how forums work. Working on that and hoping to learn something here! :)
    Hello Cali. Thank you for the welcome. I thought I was posting it on the welcome and introductions. I think I may be a little confused for a while trying to do it right. That is probably why I didn't actually join for so long:ashamed:
    Hi, I bough my bully a new bed and she peed on it during the night. She doesn't have uti I just brought her to vet for check up.. how can I have her stop doing this?
    Hello everyone. WE joined this group back when we got our Bully in April. Well Brutus is now 2! And I have failed to say hello. I have been reading all of your posts and wanted to thank-you all for the great "parent" advise you have all been super helpful and Brutus thanks you! I will have to add a photo so you can see my handsome guy:)
    Thanks Henny - See my DocBarry1 message help tried door protector Shield, he ate through it - tried gorilla duct tape some (PRO) lem nelp
    My English Bullie Biggie is 4 and continues to chew car Interior door starting at handle then entire panel help
    Hello and thank you. I am trying to figure the site out so I can alert everyone that my boy an English Bulldog was stolen, so maybe they can keep an eye out for him and share his information since I don't know where he will be taken.
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