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  • Hi, my name is Jack and hopeing you can give me some advise about an adoption I applied for. Its been several months ago and one of the bullys was named Penny. I'm new to the site and dont know my way around very well but will give you my email address if there is something else I need to know. Thanks for any help you can provide. 828 508-2510
    I'm so sorry to hear about Izzy passing. The short time they spend with us touches us forever. Sending prayers of peace your way. :pray:
    I want to tell you how sorry I am.I know its no consolation to your heart but please know, Im thinking of you.
    Did you get my reply to your message? Arnold did get your present and we really appreciate it!!
    Paula, yes we recieved it a week ago!! AT first I was why am I getting a package from AL and then it clicked!! My friends and older kids think I have cracked since we are doing the gift exchange!!! WE are so excited for Arnold to open it!!! Thank you
    Paula you're very welcome! I was excited when I found out I had Chaos, and you of course. It's a pleasure getting to know you more too!!!
    It's never ending isn't it! Sounds like you're doing really good establishing who's boss. I'm always in my boys face so to speak so they know who's boss in my house, heck even the hubby is below me, lol.
    If Its Staph, she takes an oral antibiotic (usually Cephalexin) and I use neosporin or polysporin every other day. Since Staph lives on our skin naturally...I also clean the area every day until the infection clears up. Hitch sometime get little spots on his skin that are fungal infections. They look alot alike. I use an otc cream like jock itch or athlete's foot cream for that. :-)
    lol @jakeisgreat I told Randal the stipulation of him being able to get on my most cherished site is he has to call Chaos "Chaos" lol

    I was just reading a post, and I notice that you are feeding your bullie, Fromm Beef Frittata and that is the brand that I purchased from PetFlow. The breeder is feeding him something else, not sure what exactly, but have an email sent to him to find out his feeding routine. When my little guy gets home, I am going to wean him off of whatever the breeder is feeding him, and start with the Beff Frittata. I hope he likes it, as I have heard great things about Fromm brand. When your bullies started eating Beef Frittata, was it hard to get them started eating it. Do you recommend any Fromm doggie treats?
    The video of the baby palying with the ball is adorable. My baby boy will be that big before I know it!
    I can't wait until I can start videoing my little one!
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