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We have been working with Petflow this week a lot to get a great coupon code for our members and they will also be sponsoring and supporting the site. I want to be sure we can lead new members to a place that has good dog food, namely the ones that are preferred by English Bulldog News members!

I asked Alex at Petflow to please write a little bio and information on his site at petflow.com and this is a SPONSORED link, which means if you order from Petflow.com or become an auto ship customer, they will donate to EBN.

I have now received 3 orders of food, and I am very pleased with the service and the auto delivery schedule is great. Could not be happier.

Use coupon code ENGLISHBULLDOG at checkout, and get free shipping on all orders over $59 on ALL orders that you get through petflow.com

Please use this link to visit petflow: Petflow.com

Hi Everyone!

My name is Alex Zhardanovsky, I'm one of the founders of PetFlow.com.
Lisa asked me to write this post so that I can better explain our
service, so I'm happy to do so!

PetFlow.com was founded in 2009 and officially launched in July of
2010. We carry 70+ brands of dog/cat food. We built the company on
the notion that shopping for pet food should not be a chore. You should
not have to run out to the store last minute, and you should not have to
wait for a sale to buy products. We are avid online shoppers ourselves,
and we hated paying huge shipping fees... So, we decided to make it
really simple. Shipping is just $4.95 for any size order, however, if
you use the special coupon code we provided to this board ENGLISHBULLDOG
- your shipping will be free if you order at least $59 worth. Now,
here's the good part...

You are welcome to make a one-time order from PetFlow, but where we
really excel is our auto-delivery. All you do is choose the products
you need, tell us how often to deliver them, and they'll be right at
your door, delivered by FedEx, with a tracking number! The best part
is, you can change your upcoming delivery dates, the items you are
scheduled to receive, and/or cancel your auto-delivery altogether, there
are no fees at all. Plus, when you check out with the coupon code
above, you'll get free shipping for the LIFE of your account! That
means any time you have a shipment, so long as it's over $59, shipping
will be free, even if we no longer offer free shipping to all customers.

Now, we ship products out of our NJ warehouse, and are also launching
our Las Vegas warehouse within the next week or two. That means you
will receive your order in about 3 days from the time you place your
order (once Vegas is up and running!)

We carry most of the popular brands such as Fromm, Earthborn Holistic,
Wellness, California Natural, The Honest Kitchen, Blue Buffalo, Royal
Canin, EVO, Avoderm, Orijen/Acana, just to name a few...

That's about it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to
ask, I'm always at [email protected] or you can call our customer service
folks at 1-888-316-7297, they're here for you!

Here is the link for you to shop: petflow.com

And for those of you who have already signed up or are about to, welcome
to the family! We look forward to serving all of your needs for many
years to come!

Alex Zhardanovsky

You can also contact alex here on our forums, [MENTION=1491]alexpetflow[/MENTION]
I order from Petflow.com also... and the food only takes a couple days to get here. Very fast!!! Also the customer service there ROCKS!!! That's where I'll always buy Normans food from!! It comes highly recommended from me!!
I sent Alex an email asking if Hawaii shipping would be an option... I would much rather order through them if possible. It's good to see that they are opening a distribution point in Las Vegas, which means even quicker delivery to the West Coast
Will check that out! I am about to give up on Taste of the Wild because I think it is giving Brodie his tear stains. I cannot think of what else would be doing it. Thinking about switching which I do not want to do but sick of tear stains. They look yucky! Thanks for the info!!!
I have auto ship with them. Can we still use the coupon if we are already signed up with them? They are a great company. No complaints from me :up:
the Avoderm is definitely cheaper than what we pay at PetSmart..just bought 2 bags there, but will purchase next from here!
Thanks [MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] I will change my autoship to them.
I have auto ship with them. Can we still use the coupon if we are already signed up with them? They are a great company. No complaints from me :up:

I am not sure but I will ask :)
I did get a prompt response to my question, but unfortunately they decided against shipping to Hawaii because of the "insane" shipping cost. Oh well, amazon.com or petfooddirect doesn't care how much I have to pay for shipping. I actually find a lot of companies not willing to do business with Hawaii residents because of the shipping that we have to pay... there must be something I'm missing because I don't undertand the logic.

I do like that they are working with this community though, and would support them if I could.
Do they realize you are willing to pay for the shipping costs? @ telly03
[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] Hmm no I didn't mention it... perhaps they thought I would expect free shipping? That would be odd though since they don't offer free shipping to any of the other states, well without certain conditions. I'll reply so that we are clear... thanks

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