Vegas is back from the vet, I suck.


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Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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Vegas went in for his two year check up and shots today, I have told you all this week how much he has been sleeping. He did not act sick, allergies were not out of control, ears looked good well.....

Doc looks him over, weight 62.4 (perfect for him) actually I was looking at his records and at at 12 months he weighed 63 so he has maintained his weight for a year. BUT, he has a inner ear infection :eek: No smell, no puss, nothing for me to even think he has an infection. I have literally had my nose down both his ears this week to smell. Now I feel like :poo: because I have left him sleep all week and did not take him in sooner.

He is on Otomax ear drops. He did get all his shots and his allergy shot. Doc thinks he looks fantastic (I already knew that) and told me to keep up the good work with his diet, and cleaning.

I feel so guilty, again I should have went with my gut earlier this week when I KNEW he was not acting like Vegas!! In the past when he had an ear infection it stunk so bad, and he would rub his ear on the area rug, this time I had NONE of this. Hopefully after getting a few doses of his ear drops he will be back to his annoying self that I actually have missed!!

Thanks for all your concern and support this week.


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Mar 5, 2011
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Glad everything worked out for the best sounds like you caught the inner ear inf. before it got to the point of bothering him that bad, my vet wont do shots with allergy shots she thinks the allergy shots override the booster shots she always waits at least 2wks after allergy shot, none the less so happy nothing serious


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May 5, 2010
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You don't suck. You know how I know this? Cause you've been concerned about him all week AND you had your nose down his ears more than once. You were paying attention and were talking and acting on it, so you did what you needed to do. How were you supposed to know he was harboring an ear infection? Now, next time he settles down and sleeps a little longer, you will know a possibility of the cause.


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Apr 6, 2011
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I just love that picture of him, he is too dang cute! So glad he is ok! I would think he would only have an infection too if his ear smelled. You are still a good doggie Mom! I guess the vet had to look way down into his ear to see the infection. And you obviously caught it in time before it got red and inflammed! Princess has used the Otomax and it worked for her! He will be back to himself in no time!!! Thanks for the update. Have a great weekend.

Erika and Princess
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Mar 25, 2011
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awwww poor Vegas.. I understand this has happened with Duke as well. its hard to tell if you don't smell anything etc.. He will be better in no time.
its so hard with our bullies.. they never complain.. ( same with Duke when he is not well he just gets mopey :( )..

you are such a good bully mom.. all good! :heart:


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Jun 23, 2010
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Don't feel guilty or feel bad about this. Without signs or symptoms, there is no way of you knowing.....It isn't like you have medical instruments at home to check on him.

I actually have a kid that did this to me, you probably know which one! Never a sign, never sick, no pulling at the ears, no congestion, no signs at all. Except one day his eyes started draining, like a pink eye goo. Guess what took him that very day and a double ear infection!!!!


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Dec 31, 2010
daphne 337.jpgawwwww, you DON'T suck!!! You were worried sick about him all week! Vegas is soooooo dang handsome!!!!! I LOVE that glad you found out what was bothering him and now he'll probably be back to his normal self by tomorrow...LOL!


Jul 11, 2010
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Do not feel bad - you took him right to the vet - excellent work! You cued into small changes in his habits and personalities and quickly uncovered what was wrong - that is a good bullymama if you ask me!

But I know how you feel...Linus had something really similar and it wasn't until he was literally hiding in my closet and refusing to play with Truman that I took action!


You are soo tuned into Vegas' moods you knew something was wrong! How in the world does that make you a bad bully mom, you are fantastic and know him so well. now give him a big hug n lots of love whilst you can cos he'll soon be annoying the pants off you :lol:


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Jan 28, 2010
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Do not feel bad - you took him right to the vet - excellent work! You cued into small changes in his habits and personalities and quickly uncovered what was wrong - that is a good bullymama if you ask me!

You took the words right out of my mouth. How many bully parents would have even noticed that he was sleeping more? Or took it seriously? YOU DID. GOOD BULLYMAMA!! :bravo::goodjob:


Mar 28, 2010
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First of thank gawd you have an answer to why he is acting so "off". Better than having no answer and still worrying. I know what it feels like to be guilty of not knowing whats wrong when you think you should have. We arent perfect by any means, this I have learned. haha I did this with Sierra and I should have known that she had an ear infection since she was waking up crying but she had been saying her belly hurt. Turns out that was her thing if anything hurt, who knew?!?! (she does get a lot of belly aches so it made sense at the time) Well I felt HORRIBLE once it dawned on me what it was and felt like the worst mom in the world. BUT we live and we learn right? So the last time she was crying a lot at night I knew it had to be an infection, nope nothing. Go and figure. haha You are the bestest bully mama ever, thats why you DID know there was something wrong. Good job mama! :goodjob:


Aug 4, 2010
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Yea! What they said!
Glad Vegas is on the road to recovery!


Sep 16, 2010
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I disagree with everyone, I think you do suck. :j/k: :flower:
You knew right away that Vegas was not acting himself and asked for advice. That says you're one of the most dedicated bully moms here. ;)
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Jan 13, 2011
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So happy He is OK:) And do not feel bad because sometimes they dont show that they are in pain or sick. YOU ARE A GREAT BULLY MOMMA!:heart:

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