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  • Thank you! I really hope it clears up too! I hope my vet is right. So easy to think the worst.

    I love the tye dye t shirt on your bullie!
    Oh, that is good news! I am so glad to hear it isn't anything more serious. I hope it clears up soon.
    They are the best! I love my girl so much :) Bulldogs have the best personalities!
    Thankyou so much! I kinda think so too!! She's definately momma's girl! Aren't bullies the best?
    Thank you Erika it is one of my favorites as well considering its one of the few times she has ever sat still I think she was afraid of the Easter bunnies, love the outfits that you have on yours
    Hi Erika and Princess! Thank you, I love my Mocha!!!! I see you make clothes for EB, what an awesome idea! Did you make that little outfit she has on that pic??
    lol. Thanks! He's got us wrapped around his paws I tell ya. Your little diva is quite the fashionable one. Her avatar is too cute beyond words!
    Thank you! I'm so glad you like the website. It was a lot of work. I hope there are some people out there that will appreciate it!
    I looked at your website and love the idea! They are simple but "adorabull!" Your girl is gorgeous!
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