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Aug 4, 2020
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Bulldog(s) Names
Good day all! I'm new the the community and English Bulldogs in general. I'm picking up my first Bully tomorrow morning. His name is "Jackson" he's two, well behaved, a black & white. Very cool boy! The people I'm getting him from have a two year old and a new baby on the way. They are placing him because Jackson being a squirmy boy causes their two year old to fall frequently. Not doing it purposefully, just being playful. They are sad to be parting with him, but grateful he is going to a good home.

I have two other dogs, a Jack Russell Gus that gets on well with Jackson and a female Chihuahua mix Bella. Bella is typical little dog, rules the roost, snippy little chick. She ignored Jackson when they met.

I have been a long time dog owner and past breeder/trainer. I had a Border Collie kennel for 15 years, bred & trained BC's for stock herding, and trialing.

In a half hour of reading last night I got conflicting tales and info from several other sites on feeding, bathing, exercise, etc. I'm very dog savy! I needed to know if the food I was feeding my other two dogs (Taste of the Wild) was going to work for Jackson. I got ample positive feedback here about dog food so feel I'm in the right place for deeper care information.

Having done deep research in the BC days on dog food, I know a thing or two. I fed my BC's Inova "EVO" for the protein content which is also grain free. After the that I began feeding TOTW to my other dogs as it is grain free. Most dog skin allergies are caused by grain fillers in their kibble. Off my soap box : ). I will go tot he FAQ and read about Bully care. I look forward to a long relationship here.

Welcome! This is the best place to be for Bulldog information. You must post a picture of Jackson as soon as possible, it's a requirement!!!

I'm new to this community as well. I just adopted our first EB puppy, and he is adorable! Look forward to getting to know more about the breed and talk to people here that have experience with EBs!
Welcome to EBN!!

Grain and chicken free is a great start

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Welcome! Sounds like you have good knowledge but owning a bulldog is something totally different than “normal” dogs [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
You are gonna do great! And photos are a must [emoji6]

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How do you post photos? I put one up of him in my profile pic. It's not real clear how to post more.
Welcome Scotty, Jackson, Gus and Bella. Please enjoy your stay and be sure to post plenty of photos of that furry crew of yours.
:welcome2: to EBN, and we would LOVE to see pics!!!
Welcome Scotty and Jackson! I have a 1 year old bully named Jackson!! You are going to love it here!! Bullies are QUITE different than Border Collies, but you will figure that out soon enough!:yes:
Hopefully you can get some pictures up soon!! And since he is 2, you have already bypassed the tough puppy shark days!! Welcome!!

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