A question for those of you who have Bullies sleeping in your bed...

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I screwed up my leg and can barely walk, so I've spent the day in bed. So this-afternoon I was missing Gertie and Ida so much, my husband brought Ida up for a while and then Gertie. Since our rule is no dogs on the furniture and the girls still sleep in the crates, they'd never been on our bed. So they were both pretty wild and curious. I was hoping they'd cuddle and lay down and just chill with me for a while, but no such luck.

My question is: If you have a Bully who's crate trained and doesn't sleep in your bed, can you transition them over from crate to sleeping with you? Or did those of you who's Bullies sleep with you start them out sleeping with you right away as little puppies? Just curious. I don't know that I'll ever decide to let them sleep up here, but it could be sort of nice.
Vegas slept in a kennel up until the night he started having seizures. From that day forward, he's slept with us. I've tried to let Orion sleep with us, but she sleeps better in her crate. Vegas moves around alot..but he has always been a cuddler, so he quickly found a way to make himself happy. I love Vegas sleeping with us. He curls right up to me and puts his nose in the crook of my neck. BUT....I do have to admit, I lose so much sleep. Two nights ago Vegas was put in his kennel for the night. I slept thru the night. It was wonderful. But is scares me that I wouldn't be able to help him if he seizes during the night. (I keep a video baby monitor on him when he sleeps in his crate, which is very rarely)
We started all six of our bullies out in crates. Four of them (the youngest) still sleep in them at night and when we are gone. We have been able to allow 2 of them to take naps with us in the bed, at times. My husband started the transition by keeping them on the leash while in the bed. This was done after exercise so they would have less energy to explore. Two of our youngest have yet to settle down enough to take naps. None of the four can stay with us all night as they get up and wander and get into things they shouldn't if left loose. The oldest bully (age 5) has been sleeping with us since he was little and has no problem in the bed, except allowing US to have enough covers!!!!
We crate trained Bentley, Linus and Truman but Bentley was the only bully we ever let in bed. He was crate trained but he was our only baby so we put him in bed. Like others, I started to lose sleep because of his snoring, taking up too much room, hogging the covers, and the like. The final straw was when he had an upset tummy and decided to lay in bed and puke all over my down comforter. Bentley got evicted from the bed, unless there was a special occasion.

Linus, like Gertie and Ida, never slept in bed and therefore, when he gets on the bed, he's excited and sniffs around and wants to walk around on it. He gets really hot too so he doesn't do well on the bed. He loves to sleep in his crate.

Truman isn't a big crate guy but he accepts that he needs to sleep in there without a fight. He did sleep in bed when his hip was really bad but he hasn't since and has never been in bed.

I think if you have Gertie and Ida up in your bed regularly, the novelty of it will wear off and they will settle down but potentially, like Linus, they could end up finding the best sleep in their crate, because that's the way they've been trained.
well lex is crate trained but doesnt sleep or go in his crate unless he has to (like at someone elses house)and bo took over the crate lol...our bed is so high and we are afraid he will try to jump or fall off at nite.so lex will have his nite time snack on the bed then he'll lay on the bed till lights out then we put him on his bed thats on the floor on my side.
Gracie will cuddle for a bit, when we are both in bed at night, but when she's had enough and wants to sleep she jumps down to her own bed. Bruce will put her up again in the mornings sometimes, and she has napped on the bed alone for several hours. She will also nap with him.

I rarely nap so haven't tried napping with her.
Abby was crate trained and now sleeps with us every night. She will sleep in her crate when we are not in bed or we are gone. Bella from day one slept in our bed. She had to stay warm and the vet said to let her sleep with us or get a heated bed. Of course no question... let her sleep with us.

If you are worried about the dogs getting comfortable getting on the furniture. I have a good friend who rescued two Golden retrievers. She has trained them to only go on furniture if invited to do so. And also since Gertie and Ida are used to being in their crates, they may just snuggle a little bit and then get down and to to their crate. I am sure by now they consider it their home.

I hope you feel better soon!
Dont do it! :lol: I lose so much sleep and most nights am up 2-3 times. Silva moves alot, snores, sticks her butt in my face, sticks her feet in my back, has to lay on my pillow, licks the blankets, steals my blankets, has to sleep on my side of the bed and then I have like a foot of bed and she has the whole bed and has stinky breathe right in my face. Then she jumps off the bed and whines and cries to get back up! I :heart: her but I am up more with her then I was with my babies. It's your decision but I would really think about it! :D
Belleau was crate trained due to the fact that our bed is really high, but then she decided she liked our daughter's bed (Queen size) so now she sleeps with her and the nice thing is even with Belleau snoring she wont wake up my daughter. She could sleep through a bomb going off next to her and would not budge.
Gosh, I would have a hard time if Dexter slept in my room. He's down the hall and snores so much I have a hard time falling asleep! When he is in my room I am trying to train him Not to go up on my bed. He does prefer his crate though, thank goodness. Get well soon!

Maggie only started sleeping on our bed when we were 100% confident that she was potty-trained AND that she could hold it all night. Once she gets up on the bed she immediately goes to sleep and stays asleep until we force her to get up!!!! Like a lot of people have already said ... she steals all the blankets and takes up my entire half of the bed so that I have become extremely skilled at sleeping on a 6" strip of bed.

Daddy is still not fully trained and I certainly wouldn't trust him not to pee on the bed, or have us up two or three times a night to go out. When he does come upstairs I'm planning to buy him his own bed so that he can sleep on the floor. That is the plan anyway ... and thats only because I don't think there is enought room for myself, hubby and two bulldogs. Especially, as it is me who seems to be the one who gets pushed out whilst the hubby sleeps peacefully stretched out over two-thirds of the mattress! :eek:
We have had Bear in the bed since the day we brought him home. Mostly because we always had our dogs in the bedroom with us and he was so small being on the floor we were afraid he'd get into somewhere we couldn't get to him.

So far Bear is not a farter nor does he consistently snore loudly. I love love love him in the bed, he cuddles behind my back and lays his head on my neck or cuddles behind my knees, just any crook he can get into. Lately we've had the issue with him stretching out and sticking his paws in my husband's back or moving his pillows which is a no no and as he is getting bigger it gets rough even with having a King sized bed. Now his routine is to go under the bed and then he ends up somehow in my arms in the middle of the night. All in all I love him sleeping with me. We'll see how great that goes when he starts snoring more and louder or the farting starts. lol.

My beagle is in the bed to but he doesn't move at all and he is usually at the end of the bed. Sometimes my 8 yr old jumps in. I swear the other night I felt like the monster from the movie Leviathan, I had my son's feet in my face and he was wrapped around a leg, Bear was stuck to me and intertwined somehow with the beagle. We were all interconnected it was weird.
[MENTION=881]Gertie's Mom[/MENTION] I hope your leg gets better soon! Our Cassie was never crate trained..I tried, but after getting up in the morning after her bawling all night we found her and the cage dripping in :poo:.. so from that day on she slept with us. It always took her about 45 minutes to settle down and fall asleep...then she would pull the covers off me,hog the bed and walk on me in the middle of the night...but it was nice on cold nights when she'd cuddle :) Now the little one is just too little to let in the bed...I'm afraid she'd fall out and break something so for now she sleeps in her crate. Longing for the day I can have the covers stolen and just a few inches to lay in the bed again.
Thanks everybody, I think my leg is a little better this-evening. My husband brought Ida up for a while this-after-noon and she was much calmer today. She actually laid there with me and was still and got belly rubs. Then he brought Gertie up and I think she was a little less wild than yesterday, but not much. She stayed for 10 minutes or so. I think they'd eventually get usd to coming up and spending time up here, but hopefully I won't be up here for much longer. I think tomorrow I'll try going downstairs for a while.

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