He should have been named MOOSE!


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Jan 19, 2017
Middle Georgia
Bulldog(s) Names
Bella (EBD) Roxy (pit mix) Tyson (pit mix) Sadie (boxer)
Frank and Kane went to the vet the other day. Frank is up from 16 lbs to 25 lbs in just under two weeks and Kane is up from 11 lbs to 16 lbs. what a huge difference! They are 13 weeks old.
A NINE lb difference! 😳
Their personalities are so different from each other too!
Frank is pretty calm for a puppy I think. Not really much biting (I remember those shark bites from Bella) and he really listens pretty good when he is not with his brother. I can tell him no and he will usually stop what he is doing immediately, at least for a little while. Lol
He has slept in bed with us (yes ! Me my hubby and Bella) from day one. Has slept all night every night except one, he did wake us up to be let out.
We do crate him when we aren’t home or need a little break. He will go to sleep in his crate with the door open often. If he isn’t laying on Sadie our Boxer. He is also very good with her. He doesn’t bother her as much as he does Bella! He seems to know she is pretty old (13 yes old) the third and 4th pictures are Frank and Sadie.
As I said, he rings the bell when he has to go out and when he comes back in he will sit by the back door (where we keep his treat) until he gets one. Lol
He of course wants the other dogs food but as long as we are watching him we can tell him no and he will not go to their bowls (for that moment anyway)
We used to leave Bella’s food down for her because she is not a big eater and rarely finishes her food all at one time. So now we have to figure out the best way to feed them.

He likes a car ride once he is in it, but is afraid to go by the car. So we have to carry him to it. Where as Kane will run to the car and put his front feet up on it to be put in.

Hoping and praying he will continue to be a good boy and be calm like his big sister Bella! He does have the sad face like her already! Lol


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Love the photos. All the dogs are so cute,such a little happy family!
Beautiful babies…. Don’t be too worried about size difference. They all grow differently

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