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Feb 12, 2021
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I am curious to know at what age should you have your dog neutered if they are cryptorchid?


I'm not who moved my bulldog?
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Jul 28, 2011
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I am curious to know at what age should you have your dog neutered if they are cryptorchid?

Talk with your vet, it I think they tend to be around 8-10 months

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Shirley Wigglebutt

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Jan 16, 2021
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This thread has been an interesting read. Having recently adopted a 6 year old breeder surrender that was bred almost to death having at least 3 regular c-sections that I could tell from the belly scars and at least 2 side c-sections before the rescue got her and got her spayed, I'm not too keen on the local breeder scene here due to. As far as preserving the breed, I'm all for that. As a matter of fact I have a registered mare (female horse) of a very rare breed of horse that the equus trust has the breed listed in "critical-nearly extinct" status as of 2020. I absolutely refuse to cross breed - or breed her at all anytime soon because all the stallions are too closely related and inbreeding will not preserve the breed and can cause health issues in the foals (babies). She still has about 10 years left that she would be breedable as long as she stays healthy and no fatal injuries sustained. So I am currently looking into having her eggs harvested for the breed association to use at a later date. It may or may not be an option but it's worth researching for the breed. I also have 2 unaltered mini Julianna piggies (sisters) that could be bred for money as the mini pigs are getting really popular for pets but I have no intention of breeding them. The only reason I didn't have them spayed is because when I bought them, I was lied to about their age (did not receive registration papers) and they were already too old to safely spay.
I'm not a fan of breeding any animal for color only or just for the money just because you can. Please take everything these wise EBD owners have said into consideration. They are not trying to be mean, but to help the survival of the EBD's and they are wise and experienced. Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to put in my 2 cents and my outlook on breeding.

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