1. rocco24


    Hi everyone! I just noticed these red spots on only one of his paws and he won’t let me touch it. Has anyone encountered this before?
  2. ddnene

    Help Needed! My sweet boy, Wallygator...

    Something is not right w/Walter... This started about 3 days ago... coincidently the day that I was involved in a vehicle accident, I got T-boned sitting at a red light :pissed: We noticed Walter growling more than usual... sometimes he growls at his butt, basically letting us know that his...
  3. rocco24


    I just wanted to share a recipe online for pupsicles! We live in desert Nevada so I’m trying any treats that can keep my puppy cool! Ingredients -Plain Nonfat Yogurt -Peanut Butter -Banana -Puppy Teething Sticks I blend the yogurt, peanut butter and banana all together and place in little...
  4. Maxthebulldog1210

    Funny rash on tummy/nipples

    I will attach a photo of Nova’s rash. It looks like red bumps but not raised, I have no idea what it is. Please help She eats raw, and have never noticed any allergies on her.
  5. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    Diesels left eye (His left, right if we were looking at him) has always been more red/bloodshot looking. The vet has never questioned it or even mentioned it and it has been there since his well check up and shot appointments. I didn't think much of it since I know some bulldogs have more red...
  6. S

    Knee acl tear back issues

    Hi Red is soon going to be 8 he has a torn acl shown on X-rays. Is there some kind of brace I can use for him? They also think he may have myelopathy in the back. Wondering if anyone has ever tried a dog chiropractor. He doesn’t seem to be in pain in the back area I’m more concerned about his...
  7. V

    Tear irritation

    Hello my girl had surgery last week on tail and spay. I have noticed that after that her eyes had teared alot and now she has an irriation right below her eyes (mostly left one) and it's red and irrtated. What do you all use for irritation. Nervous to use anything near her eye.
  8. W

    Concerned with dogs testicles

    Hi all, We have an 8 month old bulldog who as he has grown as obviously changed in regards to markings etc. However, I’ve noticed a black mark on my bulldogs testicle that is concerning me. His testicles are generally quite red and he seems in no pain or discomfort at all/eating normal etc but...
  9. S

    Coat color question

    What are the differences between coat colors red and white, fawn and white, and sable and white? I can't figure out what color my Shirley actually is!
  10. N

    Are these issues food related?

    Hi all. Our 8.5 year old guy has been having issues for a couple months. It first started with occasional vomiting 30 min to 2 hrs after meals, and an increase in vomiting in the morning prior to breakfast. He had always done that every once in a while but it started happening more. Also, he...
  11. anatess

    Angus jumped off the pier...

    I shared the crazy story about my first bulldog, Bullie (passed away last September), who has this weird fascination with water. You can't put her close to the pool because she will jump in. And she can't swim. But she doesn't care - she will jump in. My other bulldog, Angus, never did that...
  12. KrysA724

    Prolapsed urethra!?

    Hey guys, So lately things have been hectic, with me starting a new job (remote), and my kids going to school full time here at home, I’ve been crazy busy. But yesterday, I noticed Brisket sitting on the edge of his dog bed, and the tip of his penis was red and swollen. It Looks inflamed and...
  13. dymeale

    Food and Skin

    Hiiii Everyone, My dog is going on about five weeks on raw. We started him on rabbit and he did really well!!! His skin got so much better! We then tried alpaca and he seemed to have somewhat of an allergic reaction. (Nose got flakey again and folds got a little red). Anywho, he’s back on...
  14. LolaLover

    Please help!!

    Does anyone know what this potentially could be? We took Lola in on last thursday and the vet really couldn’t figure out what it could be. She did a rectal exam, and took fluid off but said it only looked like blood. We are taking her back in today for another opinion. I don’t know if it could...
  15. N

    Droopy Eyes

    Hey folks, i am from germany sorry for my english. I have a pure breed english bulldog he is 1 year and 1 week old. He has droppy eyes and they look red. He has not Problem with it yet. His eyes was droppy as a puppy. It is not cherry eyes ? What do you think ? Do you think it will be better...
  16. TooTooMommy

    Babesiosis (tick-borne) disease ....sooo worried! :-(

    PLEASE, PLEASE watch your babies for TICKS !!!!!!!! **UPDATE 2 days later ** (6/13/20) Our precious 9-year-old girl crashed in the critical care unit when she stopped breathing. They intubated her, but she did not make it. :( She had been at the specialty hospital overnight and had done...
  17. mdoto

    Red Meat Cancerous for dogs?

    We know that red meat is bad and can be cancerous for humans, cant it be said for dogs too? I wish there was also some common knowledge on if Grains (Rice), Sweet Potatoes, Certain or all Meats are not great for their diet.
  18. Amy89

    Tear soreness

    Hi All Hope you are all keeping safe. I am sorry if there is already a post I cant find it Bruce's wrinkles where his tear stains are, are getting red and look really sore. How can I treat this or is it a trip to the vets? Thanks in advance
  19. oscarmayer

    Sandy and I putting our Social Distance time...

    to good use. Forty-six pieces of wood(Cypress, Red Oak, Curley Maple, Cumaru, Brazilian Cherry, Domestic Cherry, Ipe, Honduran Mahogany, Sapele, & Machiche. It took months to accumulate the strips...all leftover ripping strips from jobs we’ve done. We set about joining, ripping, gluing...
  20. 1Chumly

    So, Buster went to the Vet yesterday

    Since getting Buster on Monday, I have been concerned about his right eye and his ears. He came with meds for both. His eye looked to me like it had a small scar. I went to put his drops in his ears and I couldn't see down in his ears at all and they were very red. Also, he was slightly...