1. S

    Yeast infection in eye folds

    My dog Red has tear stains which I had under control until recently. He is also licking at his paws. He now has a yeast infection and I have tried Monistat which doesn't seem to be helping. Does anyone have any good recommendations for clearing up yeast? Thank you Sue
  2. KimDe

    Allergy/Fromm Lamb & Lentil Question

    Fezzik's allergies have been having a major flare up ever since September hit. His face is constantly red as is the area between his ears. His ears are red, but not yeasty or dirty. He is constantly licking his paws. I am stepping up his face and paw cleaning and soaking regimens, but I wanted...
  3. BuddercupKelly

    Dozer tail amputation picture

    The vet said it's looking good. It looks a little red to me, but he doesn't act like it bothers him at all. I can finally touch his back side. He even likes me putting the Neosporin on it. LOL
  4. Cali Doll

    What's this, y'all? (Swollen red skin and hair loss)

    Bella's face and neck have been like this for a while. First I tried Veterycn, which did absolutely nothing. Then the vet put her on Temaril and Cephalexin, but it's not helping much at all. She's been on Apoquel for months now, too, which has been a miracle for controlling her allergies...
  5. S


    My Red has spots all over. I took him to the vet they shaved one spot gave antibiotics and allergy pills. The itching is better but I keep finding more spots He is two years old and has never had this problem before. I was gone on vacation and he was watched by my sister who has two Bulldogs...
  6. Manydogs

    A snippet of a quote about Apoquel

    "Meanwhile, this new drug that stops that worrisome and at times intolerable itching, causes low white cell count, low red cell count, stunted growth – and can increase your dog’s risk of cancer." Apoquel was only studied for 30 days before it's release. Use with caution,and as short a time...
  7. Cali Doll

    Bella's mani/pedi

    Bella got her nails trimmed at the vet today. They emailed me this pic saying "Mani/pedi time!" :smoochwink: In pics with other people, she always looks so big to me. :D I love her sweet paws. :mellow: (She's got a little skin irritation on her face/chin, that's why it's red.)
  8. Ivan Lugo


    So Jeter is 5 months and he fears people until they pet him... Fears gates especially red... I try to show him that people won't hurt him but he puts himself low to ground and backs away. No matter how they approach him.. Thoughts???
  9. Maximus

    ENTROPION and Eye problems . . .

    My Maximus suffers from Entropion of both eyes. The Opthamologist wants to do Surgery, but financially that just is not an option, plus Maximus weighs 83-lbs. and is a Surgical risk, as he is considered Obese, and therefore would not be able to withstand Anesthesia. But his (L) eye, which had...
  10. oscarmayer

    Oscar and the Dove

    Oscar and the Dove OscarMayer was a funny boy. Not as funny as Hoss, but funny just the same. He was a smarter kind of funny. Some of you may remember that Hoss was not so smart. I first met OscarMayer while riding my bike in an adjacent neighborhood. Donna, my son, and I cruised our way...
  11. 1Chumly

    Natures Benedryl

    I came across the following article and after reading Texas Carol previous post about Histamines, found it quite interesting. I give Monty Benedryl every day and do believe it helps keep the itches at bay but I also know it makes him sleepy. I wondered if anyone else has heard/knows about this...
  12. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~BUNNY~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Houston, TX.

    ABOUT BUNNYShe is a beautiful brown and black little diva that is looking for her forever home. Bonnie has been starved for attention, I believe she has lived outside for most of her 4 years on this earth. She loves to be in your lap sleeping while you watch TV and she loves giving kisses. She...
  13. T

    Help Needed! Red Scab on Neck from Flea Meds causing Pyoderma also?

    My Franklin was diagnosed with Puppy Pyoderma on June 20th, prescribed antibiotic and shampoo. I was questioning giving him his needed dose of flea meds today, when I checked the area and realized he has a pretty big scab right where we apply the meds! I'm wondering if this is what caused the...
  14. D

    Help Needed! Bruce's lumpy back

    Hi Everyone, Bruce is 7 months old and 3 days ago spontaneously he had 10 to 15 small (dime size or smaller) scabs on his back and red lumps (looking like hikes on his belly). I gave him benadryl orally and the cream and put witch hazel on the scabs. I wasn't sure if maybe he got bit by fleas at...
  15. ddnene

    Headed to the vets this morning…

    Well this started about 2 days ago, and unfortunately our internet was out w/the storms we were having... Wally started acting weird, chewing on his paw continuously… and when I finally got a look it was super red and swollen. I gave him some benadryl and put some vetericyn on it… that night...
  16. MFrey2012

    Ellie's Second Opinion

    So this past Saturday 2am we end back up back in the ER, still fighting this Pneumonia, on call Vet takes Xrays, and shows us there is still the presence of infection, gives Ellie shots of antibiotics and a steroid, and gives us Doxycycline, and Tameril-P. and advised that once Ellie is better...
  17. K

    bulldog bleeding from penis.

    my bulldog has started randomly bleeding from his weewee. i googled and found out about urethra prolapsed but his thingy looks fine. its not swollen or anything just the tip looks red from blood. we changed him to Natures variety Salmon from Nature Balance Lamb about a week ago and this happen 4...
  18. rjisaterp

    It's Bentley's Turn-Update

    Greetings EBNers. We all (the wife, Bentley of course, and Jewel) went to see the vet for Bentley's follow-up and suture removal. Bentley is three-weeks post-op from TPLO knee surgery to repair his partially torn ACL. Dr. P. said Bentley is mending well and took out his staples. The incision...
  19. JennieS

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Tank~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Meet 9-year-old, 45 pound Tank. His owners had him since a puppy. They sold their house sooner than expected and had to move out quickly. The only thing they could find is a third floor apartment, and they didn’t think that would be good for Tank. Stay tuned for more details about this hunk...
  20. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Meatball~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    Meatball is an 8 year old gentle soul. He came to us with with over 75% of his skin a deep red itchy mess. He is a tiny, skinny, sore, itchy bully that just wants to feel normal again. He spent his whole day on his favorite blanket afraid to move and was not fond of being touched. He is...