1. BabyDuke

    Olivers Skin Issues and allergies

    so it took over 9 weeks. Oliver had HORRIBLE skin issues. Raw, red, bumps. took him to vet had skin cytology done they wanted him to have surgery to remove all that is in picture one. I did a lot of research and with the help of 2BullyMama , we opted to go RAW, took him off low dose steroid, he...
  2. helsonwheels

    How to address allergies.

    Great article
  3. B

    New from Tampa, FL

    I've had two English Bulldogs and love the breed. My first one (Muzzy) was a great family member and passed away after 12 years. Most of his life he was healthy and energetic. Biggie Chunk is my current boy and he almost the opposite of Muzzy. he is allergic to everything....I'm not kidding I...
  4. J

    Help Needed! Rash showed up after I changed food

    I Adopted a three-year-old English bulldog she is not fixed and the same week we adopted her she started her heat we put her on a grain free food and she developed a rash and so we switched her back to the food the other family was feeding her which was Pedegree and she still has the rash I am...
  5. BabyDuke


    Hi Everyone! Well tonight is the night:w00t: . our first Cytopoint shot! Poor Oliver ( he is almost 4) has had HORRIBLE allergies. he is allergic to .. well lets just say everything. :ashamed: Last year after a night of blood all over from him rubbing his eyes and skin so bad and being on...
  6. A

    URGENT!!! Bald spots

    Good morning. Our English bulldog has been having really bad allergies we changed her diet to homemade food but she's still having issues with her allergies and now is getting these bald spots. I'm not sure if they are related or not. Her new food is beef bone broth, turkey breast and ground...
  7. N

    Black Spots on Skin

    My senior bulldog as developed some mole like spots on his skin. Most are flat and 2 are slightly raised. Just noticed them so will make him an appointment but curious if anyone had any suggestions on what it could he. He has a history of allergies and in the past 3 months he’s had two bouts of...
  8. M

    Oh, what to believe about entropion

    Experience with entropion surgery? What to expect post surgery? Recovery time? Surgical pain level vs relief from procedure?
  9. K

    Anyone seen this before?

    So our Ronnie is 18months now and we’ve had a lot if issues with allergies and paw problems. So the last few days he’s had a limp usually when this happens I know it’s his feet so couldn’t find a thing obv and you know what Bully are like hardy wee things haha. So the limp gets worse and then I...
  10. K

    Help Needed! My Bulldog keeps getting hives then her face swells. PLEASE HELP

    I have A 7mo old female Bulldog named Lexi. I got her when she was 4mo old, the first month we had no problems. One Monday morning she started to act strange running around rubbing her face on the floor and tossing her bed around.Then she threw up bile that's when I noticed her face was...
  11. mer55

    Fromm's Puppy Gold

    @helsonwheels 2BullyMama I have done some further research on Fromm's puppy Gold and this is what I found: Protein ingredients are not limited to 1 protein as I thought. They list Chicken, fish meal, chicken liver, duck lamb and egg. That said, should I still try another single protein to...
  12. C

    Need help

    Hey everyone, new member! I joined because I wanted to get some expert opinions on what my dog myight have, seems like allergies but im not sure ill post some pictures and hopefully you guys can help me out. She has a vet appointment monday. Shes a female, 6 months of age we just got her 2...
  13. A

    9 week old puppy w/yeast infections

    So, I’ve had my puppy for about a week and a half. We started off with a lot of diarrhea issues and I took him to the vet on the 15th with a conclusion of maybe stress diarrhea. On the 16th or 17th, I started transitioning him off the terrible Royal Cannin Puppy chow and we are still, slowly...
  14. Dollys Owner

    Interesting article on raw feeding- why precautions needed

    Just read this article on the resistant bacteria in the raw food we feed our dogs. I'm committed to raw feeding because of my dog's allergies, but it's interesting that one of the studies mentioned recommended: In view of the antibiotic-resistance problem, dogs who are being treated with...
  15. jlj781

    How do you know when it’s your dogs time ?

    Hey guys I havnt been on here in a while, and the reason I am now is not a happy one. Our bulldog who has had health issues pretty much from the start is to a point where I’m asking advice how to know when it’s time to let them go? She’s had allergies forever and we’ve fought that for a long...
  16. D

    Intimidated and overwhelmed with home cooked meals online

    Hello! I have a 18month old EBD named Sofi. When she was a baby when we got her from her Breeder she was on TOTW High Praire Puppy. At a year the vet suggested we switch her food because of all the reports of grain free diet (I know this is a controversial topic). We switched her to Canidae...
  17. Zedsded

    Reducing acidity of urine following kidney stone removal?

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of reducing your dogs acidity level in there urine? We are currently trying to bring Dudleys down to help try and avoid kidney stone recurrence but it’s tricky because of his food allergies. He’s been tested regularly since his op and is clear of...
  18. helsonwheels

    Paul Newman

    Cbrugs Decided to start a new tread for Newman. I think I will call him Jake. Again Newman reminds me of Jerry saying “ Hellllooo Newman”. He slept well. I put him in the kennel cause he’s still intact. He tried on Nyala and she turned around and growled at him 2” from his face. Nyala will put...
  19. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~WesDiego~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in California

    Hi there! My name is Wes Diego and I am 11 years old. I came into rescue from the shelter and boy, was I a mess! But my foster home has been really great and has me feeling like a whole new man! I'm still mostly blind and mostly deaf, but I get around just fine. I'm a little arthritic and have...
  20. 1Chumly

    Benedryl and Dementia risk.

    If you are like me and your dog has allergies, you may have given them Benedryl. There is a study in humans that Benedryl and other anticholinergic drugs can lead to Dementia and the more and longer you take them, the bigger chance you have of getting it. As with any study there are differing...