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Jul 26, 2010
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So Guinness has been losing a ton of teeth the past week or so. The crack toy as it has been dubbed is like and apple, he has lost more teeth to that thing than i can count. He has a green frog and it's all stained red now hahaha. Knucklehead tried eating his own tooth after it fell out of his mouth, fatty thought it was food
I just checked jakes teeth today..I think only 1 of his baby front are gone.I am just waiting to wake up one day and see those bully teeth staring at me! Sounds like guiness is well on his way!!
he has lost two tonight already. What can I do to help stop the bleeding? He is bleeding all over his toys, and I feel bad.
there isn't much you can do. The bleeding will stop on it's own. I don't know about you, but I have saved all my puppy teeth.
Chaos lost his bottom 2 front teeth, I never found them...dang it!! Anyway that was 2 nights ago, I looked today to see if he had lost anymore and the bottom two that were gone are already coming in!!! Through just enough so they are perfectly visible. That was fast because 2 nights ago it was just gums :lol: What is the crack toy? If it helps find them I wanna get him one. I wanna keep atleast a few :up:
AWwwww! I am sure he will only bleed for a few... it should heal over quickly. Now for the REAL teeth! Let's see how long that crack toy lasts once those come in!!!
I have never found any of Daddys!!!! I don't even know if he's lost any ... if he has then I think he must be eating them! That boy will eat absolutely anything that is not nailed down! :eek:

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