The season of new decorations means a whole new set of "toys" for Chester


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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:mad: yesterday I must have chased Chester around my house with several of my autumn decorations :guns: I have autumn pillows on my couch - he got those.. I have some stuffed pumpkins in my kitchen - he kept taking the same one, and when he realized he couldn't have it, he tried to sneak it into his crate!! I can only imagine what life will be like at Christmas time :eek:
I've been thinking about these two little monkeys climbing a Christmas tree. I think we'll put ours' in the living room instead of the family room, like we usually do. We have a gate up keeping them from the living room/dining and it'll look nice from outside if we put it in front of the liv. rm. window. We just won't enjoy it quite as much since we're always in the family room. But, that's okay. I'd much rather have Gertie and Ida than a tree in the family room!
Abby will sleep under the tree for some reason. Last Christmas Bella was so sick, she was either on her bed w/heating pad, in front of the electric fireplace or in bed with us. It will be very interesting to see what she does this year.
Abby and Sophie both go after the stockings. We have stockings for each pet (incl the cat) and they seem to know when we put a toy in them. They are always sniffing and hitting the tips of the stocking with their noses.
Oh I was just reminded, last year Bella was confused and didn't realize that the tree was actually INSIDE, so many a time "gifts" were under it when we got home!!!! Thanks for the reminder Ian. lol
Bentley loved sitting under the Christmas tree. I just threw a dog bed there and let him have at it, he never bothered any ornaments or anything. Then Linus came around and one by one my Christmas ornaments started becoming bulldog food, the last of which was the Grinch that Stole Christmas, which was blown out of Linus' butt around 3 AM about 10 days before Christmas - it must not have agreed with him. :eek:

I am not sure about Truman but he loves cords and things like that so I am guessing I will have to have my canned air out in full force and put the ornaments up higher!
Thats funny, the xmas stories will be great! We have never gotten a full sized tree for xmas because we would have to rearrange everything to find a good place to set it up. Ours is maybe 3 feet tall and fake so I set it on the fireplace and the boys actually have never looked at it twice. Now this year with Sierra should be interesting!

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