Does your bully like the cold??


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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When we got Chester it was end of February and we never really took him outside until April, and by then it was warmer. So, I am wondering what Chester will think of the cold/snow this winter. Do they like that kind of weather? Chester was a "sunbather" all summer and I had to coax him in out of the heat/sun so he wouldn't get overheated.


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Jun 23, 2010
Eau Claire WI
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Mine do, but that is because I do, so we are all outside more often. We also go camping, which they LOVE to do.


Jul 11, 2010
United States
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Well, it never really gets "cold" in Phoenix but it can get down to the 30s on winter mornings with no humidity, which makes it feel even colder. The bullies always seem to enjoy those mornings more than warm ones because the sun is still out and the sunbathing is great -- and much safer because it's cold!

The other two have never seen snow but I did take Bentley to Flagstaff with me and he did see snow, which he tried to eat his way through. :)


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May 5, 2010
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Camping over Labor Day weekend, I felt so bad for Vegas. I was at another camp with Vegas on a leash and he was sitting on my feet. He was being so good I forgot that he was there. That was until I felt him shaking. Poor boy was cold. I always have to explain to people that laugh at them in their coates "bulldogs don't have an undercoat. It's hard for them to stay warm and with their short noses and breathing problems, pnuemonia is always a worry".
Vegas will crawl under the covers every night to get warm. Orion loves being warm also. We always have to pull her away from in front of the gas fireplace. She loves being toasty.
In fact, when I put the smootchie on her (new avatar photo) she settled right down and started getting drowsy. Same with her hoodie. She loves to be tight and warm. She falls right to sleep. The minute I removed her smootchie, she started bouncing off the walls.


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May 7, 2010
Southern California
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Samson saw the snow once, he was not impressed. He walked really funny through it and I can tell it bothered his paws, so we left pretty quick. We've had an experience similiar to Libra's. One time we went camping and it got to like 50 degrees one night. Samson had a sweater on but was still shivering so I put him on my lap with a blanket on him. Figured with him sandwiched between my lap (body heat) and a blanket with a sweater on, he'd be fine. Nope still cold so I had to give him several blankets and put him in the car until we were ready to go to bed and he could get in the sleeping bag with me. He's just a little baby bully :heart::bully:


Jul 31, 2010
Grafton, OHIO
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Maggie HATES the cold and we get so much snow here in north-east Ohio!! :eek:

She speed-pees and speed-poops during the winter months .... and sometimes insists on doing it 2" away from the back door so she spends as little time as possible out of the house!! :mad:


Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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Cutty enjoys the snow (when it does snow here) for a few minutes but for the most part he hates to be cold. I can sit in the house in the winter and have the thermostat set for 69 or something and look over at Cutty who has his face buried in his paws begging for a blanket. lol. I run the heater for them more than us. Spoiled boys!

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Jul 17, 2010
SanTan Valley, Az.
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Aw, can you blame poor Maggie? I wouldn't want to go potty in the snow either. ;) I live in Az., so sure my kids will never be cold. I would think they'd like it better than being baked alive in the summer. We're in Denver and they are LOVING the cooler temps. and what's this green stuff all over the ground? And these tall shady things? What are they?


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Aug 13, 2010
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my little man will lay in front of our freezer we have to literally push him out of the way so we can close it, but he does love the sun..... i love those pics of vegas checking out all that white stuff


Sep 16, 2010
Toronto, Ontario
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stig's first winter will be this coming one. i wonder how he'll do.

those are awesome pics of vegas!

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