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May 5, 2010
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Because if it wasn't for this feature..I would keep on saying Vegas has about 1 seizure a month. Looking back the past 45 days, I've come to realize that he's had 5 in this time period. This isn't normal..I found out that my mom in law hadn't been dosing him correctly at night. (underdosed)
Vegas had another one this morning. He just started to wander around. Vegas usually doesn't go anywhere out of sight unless he's following or looking for someone or looking for something. So, when he started wandering this morning, I grabbed my camera. Just in time. Do you remember the last one I videod? Well, this one is completely different. This is how it is. In this one, the seizure lasts just a few seconds..and he jumps up and is on the go within a minute.
YouTube - Vegas has another seizure 10/17/10
poor baby, that didnt look bad at all, is this the first small one hes ever had?
I still have a hard time watching him. Oh I hope it is the medicine under dosed, that would then help him do better. I feel so sorry for him, this time I saw O coming to him, does she get concerned?

Oh and by the way, who has the flip flop tan?
That was waaaay faster. Yes, I keep forgetting to do my blog, I am so glad you do yours.

Noah caught me watching the video and got very upset. He is one of those kids that have a HUGE heart. Remember he saw when it happened to Mandy and took charge about getting her to the vet. What a good kid he is.

Hope it slows down now that you will be dosing him correctly.....
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] It makes me cry everytime I watch one of poor Vegas's seizure vids. I'm glad this one was easier on him. :luv:
That was my husband with the flip flop tan. He was concerned that I might have caught him with his shirt off! [MENTION=770]Bella'sMom[/MENTION]
[MENTION=657]mom2bullies[/MENTION]. I figured out that she was not dosing him correctly when I found an extra 1/2 tab in the bottle. It's not the first time she done it. Luckily she only feeds them 2 to 3 times a week when we are at school or the gym.
[MENTION=1041]lexterwayne[/MENTION]. He's had a few small ones, but they are usually a lot more severe. I gave him some diazepam last night because he was acting "off".
Let Noah know that Vegas is okay. This is something that will never go away, but I can help other people by showing vegas's videos.

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