Still struggling with house training at 7months


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Dec 19, 2017
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Hi, Hoping you guys can help me with the final puzzle piece in Frankies house training. When we got him at 12 weeks he was not house trained as his breeders kennels were outside and there was a communal toilet area. After trying the taking him out often and giving praise and rewards we were still having many accidents when we were at work and overnight and as he started to shred the puppy pads and eat the furniture I decided to crate train, which has been very successful.
The problem is when we are at home he doesn’t want to go out even if he wants to go potty! Even if the back door is left open. He will still just pee on the dining room floor. I often go out and then he follows me in to the garden and then he goes but if say half hour later he needs to go again he will just go in the house! and yet in the crate he will hold it.
It would just be good to get to the point where he goes out without me having to prompt him and I don’t need eyes in the back of my head when he’s not in the cage!
He is very much a family dog and doesn’t like being separated from us when we are home! Plus he’s not keen on going out!
My wooden dining room floor is really suffering from all the pee and cleaning!
I have a holiday in a couple of months where I’d like him looked after in someone’s home rather than kennels and he needs to be completely house trained for that.
I wish I knew a magic phrase or had a charm to loan you, but I don't

Potty training is a looooooonnnnnngggggg, frustrating process.

Ty will be 2 on Tuesday, he has just within the last 3 months actually going to the door to signal he needs to go. And, yes he does still have accidents

You just have to diligently continue to correct and behavior and praise good.

Someone is here with him most all the time and that helps

Do you have another dog?

I also believe maybe he learned from watching her.

I've had multiple dogs over the years, and have noticed 'monkey-see-monkey-do'
We brought Lucy home when she was 6 months, "housebroken". She was having accidents left and right. We had to get rid of our throw rugs for the time being. She doesn't respond to "potty", "outside", showing her the leash. She just stares at you lol. I figured she just needed to get used to her new home.

We started taking her outside after every new activity, eating, sleeping, getting water, playing. Watched her like a hawk for her own signs of having to go, walking around a lot, sniffing etc. We also purchased potty bells (which she is slightly afraid of) and ring them gently every time we take her out. Lots of praise and making a huge deal of her going potty outside.

She hasn't had an accident in a long time and even rings the bells on her own on occasion to go out. Course she will also ring those bells for attention too (just sat down for dinner, giving our son some two on one time) Little turd will ring them every 5 min or so if you aren't giving her your undivided attention LOL

I feel your pain, it can definitely be frustrating. She sure is a cutie. :)
I got my dog at 4 months and like yours he was not house trained at all. Mine just turned 7 months and is VERY food driven. So I will take a treat and lure him outside with it. I give him a small piece of it just for following me outside and sitting in the potty area of the yard. Sometimes I'll make him do a trick like down or watch me. Then I point and say "go potty" and he only gets the rest of it ( the biggest piece & a little praise party) after he's gone. I have him on a schedule of when I take him out. Between the scheduled times, I have to watch him because he will go to the door and just sit, he won't bark or really give any verbal cues he needs to go out. Tried the bells and he doesn't use them yet, still hoping he'll catch on.
Patience! I just recently discovered that it would take 10 months for Smashey Poo to be 98% potty trained. The other 2% is my fault. [emoji51] Patience is hard.

Poo shaming...ONE time, was quite effective. My husband just set the poo on a paper towel right in front of where Smash left it for us. Smash only needed to bark, per usual, and we will open the back door. Not sure what he smoked that day. Lol


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I found that the way to potty training is that you have to take them out on a leash. Stay out until they go! Once they go, then you can take the leash off,if you wish-unless you know it's time for them to go more. Letting them out loose is not the answer.
100% agree, on leash at all times for potty breaks. 100% supervision when free roam inside. The best way to stop bad habits is to prevent them from ever starting. Can I assume that you catch him going in the house? What do you do at that moment?

"Correction and Redirection" is the method that worked with Joey, I am not kidding, she only ever had (2) accidents in the house, we caught both "mid stream" and that was before she was 15 weeks old.
So heartening to know others still have bulldog toilet problems! Jasper is 9 months and we have the opposite problem - pretty much toilet trained when we are around but will happy poop and pee in his pen overnight and when left alone.

We had to put a baby gate between the rooms so he was literally in the room with us at all times otherwise he would sneak off and poop in another room. He also often messes around outside instead of pottying and having him on the lead is useful - but I have waited him out for about 40 mins before so you can't get bored easily!

I would stay with the bells as Jasper actually caught on to his pretty quick. First asking him to touch the bell by holding a treat behind it, he got the reward when his nose rang the bell reaching for the treat. Then asking him to touch or ringing it yourself every time you open the door. Like everyone else though he will also ring the bell if he wants to go out and bark or just to get you to get up and open the door to amuse him :D

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