How often does a puppy need to go out when out of the crate?


Nov 11, 2015
Richmond, Va.
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Brutus is a 20-week-old English Bulldog puppy. He's done really well with crate/house training During the work we I can take him potty in the am before work, my wife takes him out at lunch, and I take him out when I get home with no accidents. Our son takes him out in between but Brutus wouldn't have an accident if he didn't.

When Brutus is out, I usually take him out every hour. He doesn't really sleep if he's out. I guess he saves sleep for the crate. In addition to every hour, I take him out if he drinks or suddenly takes a break from playing and suddenly want to explore random places in the house or does a lot of sniffing. Is every hour needed? I know I could try to stretch the time and just see if he has an accident. I was just curious. I may try to go from an hour to an hour and a half while out to see how he does.


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Jan 9, 2022
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You should be able to get three hours out of him at 20 weeks. It sounds like you are already getting at least that when you aren’t home


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Jul 28, 2011
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I've always done 3 hours tops.... even now with my two that at 8 and 12 years.

As a puppy, a few good timing to follow are :
-- 20 to 30 mins after eating
-- immediately upon waking (nap or over night)
-- immediately after any play session
-- one hour more than months old (if 3 months, then 4 hours is your limit)

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