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Jul 21, 2010
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I have been reading that alot of people on this site give their bully's Wild Salmon Fish Oil. My question is..Is the fish oil made for dogs or for humans? I want to try Vegas on some this week, I personally take fish oil pills twice a day for a skin condition I have, and I know it helps me. Where does everybody purchase it at? I get mine from GNC. Thank you for the information.
I used to buy salmon oil from the pet store, but then Bella started itching a lot. So I changed to Krill oil, since the actual bottled oil is very expensive, so I just use the human pill form. I am not sure if that is okay or not. I don't know why not, human grade should be just as good if not better.
Yes the human pills are fine to give, Cutty breeder recommended them when we bought him. They think they are snacks and eat them whole even. lol. That salmon oil sounds like it would be good too but expensive I bet.
[MENTION=390]cali~jenn[/MENTION] I have to take Salmon Fish oil, 2,000 mg. a day, which is two a day, for a skin condition I have. I get a bottle of 60 soft gels at GNC for 19.99 I see the fish oil soft gels at Walmart for like 5 bucks, but I have been on the same for almost a year so I stick with GNC.
I think those would work just fine, but to answer your question, yes they make salmon oil speciffically for dogs.
[MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION] I havent seen salmon oil pills, interesting. Yes that would work fine for them also. I am not sure what the exact salmon oil is that everyone gives [MENTION=574]TessaAndSamson[/MENTION] uses one they she likes. We will let her tell us what the brand is exactly and then you can compare the prices etc and see what you wanna give. Anything is better than nothing tho for sure. :)
I saw the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil at our local natural pet food store and it was $13.99 for a modest (maybe 8 ounce?) sized bottle. I think I'll order online if I decide to use it but I am working on trying to right food for Linus first then adding it since I don't want to confuse myself TOO much. :) Good question though!
I buy a salmon oil specifically for dogs that I get a my feed store. I think it's like $12.99 for 16 oz, the brand is Plato. I really like it because the bottle has a pump on it, for Sam's size I give him 4 pumps of oil on his food a day.
Oh My...I lied...I started the thread by saying I take FISH OIL which I do, then somehow I got it in my brain that I take SALMON OIL, I think because I was asking for Vegas...So I DO NOT take Salmon Oil, I was wondering where to get it :eek:....What about giving your dogs FISH OIL? Does anybody do this?? It has so many benefits, including keeping joints lubricated, although he does not have a problem with his joints yet. But personally it does help my skin and I was wondering if it would help his??
We give Maggie salmon oil made for dogs from Grizzly pet products .. here's their website

You can buy online but there are a lot of local stores that stock it too. We give Maggie 2 pumps a day. It comes in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz and 64oz containers and seems to range from $6 to $45 depending on the size. We got the 16oz bottle which has approx 133 pumps per bottle. So it's going to last us a reasonable amount of time as Maggie only weighs 39lb.

We got it because [MENTION=4]Lindathedogsmaid[/MENTION] highly recommended it and it is not only good for joints but really boosts the immune system which is our main concern for Maggie right now!

Hope that helps!
we just started giving horse "The Wholistic Pet, wild deep sea salmon oil" it was $25 for a 16oz bottle, with pump. It's more concentrated than some salmon oils, so he gets 1tsp (2 pumps) per day. He's been on it for a week now and I think his skin seems less itchy already! and they're also a local company for us, which is great!
Can anyone tell me if there any potential adverse affects to giving salmon oil? I am still thinking of trying it but wasn't sure if there's any negatives to look for when you start giving it?
I got the Salmon oil Petco carries, it's Petco brand. It is expensive, I paid $25. for a 16 oz. bottle. But it does have the pump on top which is nice. I've been wondering the same thing... can I use the much less expensive fish oil pills when this is gone?
Can anyone tell me if there any potential adverse affects to giving salmon oil? I am still thinking of trying it but wasn't sure if there's any negatives to look for when you start giving it?

I haven't heard or experienced any negative affects so far!! I guess it could cause gas problems but in bulldogs that's hard to tell!!! :rolleyes:
The only thing I would think would be bad is if there are allergies. Other than that I cant imagine there are any bad effects from this. Yes you absolutely can feed the over the counter human fish oil pills, 1 a day or every other day if you want. I am forgetful and usually get them down the boys every other day or so but they are not bad for them at all and somehow they like them even. Great for their coats and skin.

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