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When you use peroxide for tear stain removal, is the kind you use to bleach hair? (Not the stuff in the brown bottle?) And don't you mix is with something to make a paste? I heard how to do this many years ago, but can't remember all the particulars now. I'm using Angel Eyes on Ida, but can't see any difference after several weeks of use, so I'm thinking of giving it a little help.
I used regular brown bottle 3% hydrogen peroxide. i haven't heard of using the other kind. it takes a few weeks but it works! i also use it as a mouthwash to keep my teeth white.
[MENTION=881]Gertie's Mom[/MENTION] I am glad you asked, I have just been washing their face with baby soap and they still have some staining although I think it has stopped. I forgot about that post so glad you @Libra926 posted it again...tks!!
my husband used the regular peroxide and cornstarch on Chester. We did that for a while with minimal difference. Angel Eyes gave him a rash. So, we started giving him Tums (forget where I saw it) and low and behold..if he misses his Tums, we can see it in a darker stain. We gave him a 1/2 tums twice a day until it cleared up, then we gave him 1/2 tums every other day..and are now down to every 3rd day. (been doing it since summer).
LisaRN: And the calcium is okay for him? That sounds quick and easy, but I know they contain a lot of calcium.

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