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May 5, 2010
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Orion's face is getting horrible. It all started in July when I stopped into a pet store and picked up the "hand made" treats. We've since stopped them completely, but I want my white baby back. Her tear stains are horrendous and her cheeks and chin are a yeasty color. So...I know this is a much covered subject..But I was hoping to get them (once again) into one posting. Tell me...what you use. How you apply it. What success you've had. Before and after photos if you have them. Any advice. Vegas is easy going and will let me apply just about anything and do anything to him. Orion....well :angry: :curse: she gets destructive and sometimes mad if I mess with her too long. If I use a baby wipe, she will chomp down on it and refuse to let it go. Well, just imagine a very >.< devilish dog when you describe to me how I'm to torture Orion when I start the new therapy. Please be gentle.

Here is a photo take in late June. And a video taken a few minutes ago. Please excuse my polka-dot jammies...:eek:

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I use a facial scrub that I bought online. When I went to our feed store (which concentrates on organics etc) I noticed they also sold it. During their bath I just get a wash cloth and make sure I get the wrinkles, sometime it is a battle. I was also told that coconut oil kills yeast. I have yet to pick some up and I am not sure if it will work on stain. Baby O is so cute. I just don't know how you are able to keep them both still enough to take such great shots.
wow, what a huge difference! I wonder if she's allergic to something besides the treats, something seasonal outside or maybe a cleaning product you use. Horse looks perfect and white 75% of the time, other times he looks yeasy on his face and chin like O. I haven't figured out what causes it yet. I have been wiping it with a warm, soft towel. Then drying with a soft towel, trying to make sure it's completly dry. Then I wipe with a mal-a-ket wipe. Giving Horse a weekly bath really helps too, if I wait 2 weeks I notice him getting yeasty. I also put his harness on when I wipe him so he can't get away!
I would call your vet and ask for some anti-yeast ointment for sure- some of the stuff I told you about in the other thread. For me, NOTHING works better than this stuff for the chin area.

I use VET ear cleaner if it gets really bad like that. Then the cornstarch mixed with peroxide on the eye stains. Let sit for 30 mins, then apply desitin. This is what works for me. But that anti-yeast ointment is a lifesaver. I am sure you spend enough at your vet that he can give you a script over the phone- at least I hope so! Literally, this stuff has cleared up bad yeast in just a couple days for me.

The antil yeast stuff he prescribed is called Quadritop Ointment

Have they also been eating lots of stew?

Fall is one of the worst allergen times of the year, so building up a good immune system really helps fight off allergens. Even if they are not allergic to spores- all bullies can be affected by it because it is in the air and can still cause some problems. So it is important to remember that during the fall this happened, to see if it occurs at the same time next year.
Your problems may very well be allergy related due to you noticing the change with the purchase of a product... This is my own personal experience and opinion on "tear staining" and "wrinkle irritation" in general...It wouldn't really help if it was an allergy, however it would help for sure heal things up after an allergy is figured out...Its the same with people...folds of skin, sweaty areas, in the heat of the summer or just daily rubbing can get irritated...the source of the irritation primarily stems from dampness...bacteria grows in damp areas...So while baby wipes clean and soothe it sometimes doesn't help alone because the dampness remains and the irritation and bacteria growth still festers...I have a daily routine of cleaning folds, tail pockets, and wrinkles with wipes...[baby wipes or I also love earthbath all natural grooming wipes]...however after areas are wiped clean I take gold bond powder and put just a little bit and get those folds and her tail pocket dry with powder...she is now use to it and absolutely loves spa time...she lays spread eagle to have her tail pocket done and is even still so I can do her face wrinkles and even the deep area above her nose...very careful to not pat the powder and create any "dust" in the air...just pull the powder along the fold with a finger or even a Qtip lightly so it doesn't puff up in the air...The lack of dampness has two irritation but also no staining because there is no bacteria buildup...creams tend not to work because again they dont promote dryness and the only thing that will heal up raw areas is keeping them dry...The only thing I can stress is not patting the powder so that it creates a dust in the air....lightly smooth along the folds and let the areas heal...I have never had to buy a staining product since keeping her areas not only clean, but dry....good luck with your baby :) [cornstarch powder also works well but I found it to be harder to keep without air bond smooths out easier and is medicated which seems to work really as well as it does on a baby's bum] :)
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I have a list going...heading to the store this week, so please keep them coming. I'm going to conquer this. [MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] I wish I could say "yes" about my vet, but she is on maternity leave right now. We are seeing a dr that I don't really care for. Why? Because when Vegas got into the corn meal and was throwing up, we took him in to be seen. When the dr suggested lab work to check his med levels..I pointed out that Vegas has been throwing up his meds..He ordered them and we complied. When we went in to see about his results..he said his Pb level was below thearaputic range. I said yes....he'd been throwing up his meds. "oh, we really should recheck him in another month" So, we did. They came back at a good level. When I told him I wanted them to pay for the test..after all, the Dr didn't listen to me....I was told I would get it at cost. Right. So, no. As of right now, I won't call and ask for the yeast cream. I will wait until my Dr comes back and I'll ask her.
Sam's face used to look like that until I changed his food. If you go to the before and after dog food page you can see he used to have a red face with tear stains, not anymore. For him its his allergies. His allergies still flare up at certain times of the year and he'll start licking his paws more but his face has stayed clear ever since we changed his food. The first picture was before, unfortunately I never got upclose pictures to the wrinkles under his eye but they were red and stained in his wrinkle creases but you can definitely tell how red and irritated his face looked in general. The second picture was taken like 2 weeks ago and you can tell how much more beautiful my bubba looks now :) When he had tear stains I tried alot of different things to get rid of it but nothing worked, wish I would have known he just needed a food change. So thats what worked for us.


Ok, just got back from the store. I got everything. Yeast cream, desitin cream (over ointment), johnson and johnson baby shampoo, peroxide, tear stain stuff, corn meal, gold bond....I even found cute clearance collars for the pups...($1.00 each) I love Walmart prices..but I hate the crowds.
So, I've taken them off all treats but the Charlie Bears...which is what they were getting before. I've been using the yeast cream on Orion's chin,......not working. Plus, she moves around so much, I even got some in her mouth. YUCK. I will continue to work on this.....I'm really hating the photos I've been taking of her. They look so bad! And the flash just makes it look worse! Poor baby O.. AND she's been sucking on her stinky bear for hours at a time. Now her paws are turning brown where she holds the bear to her mouth.
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Bruno's face and chin was like that from 3 to 6 months. I changed his food first and it got a little better.
I then bought Angel Eyes. It took really good care of clearing up his chin and eyes in about 4 days. I sprinkle it on his food and call it a day. It's an antibiotic I think and stop giving it to him after a month. Has not come
Back as of yet...... The stains are gone but his face is still a little stinky.
I wipe him down at night with a little apple cider vinegar.
I haven't had much of a problem so far with Bertie. I clean her wrinkles with a baby wipe and then use a dry cotton towel to dry the wrinkle. Once a week I use a Stridex pad on Bertie's wrinkles. That's pretty much all I do on Bertie right now. She will be 11 months old on the 16th of November and so far...knock on problems.
could be from all the moisture from suckling on stinky bear??
I'm sure that could be a big part of it. I'm wondering if her stinky bear could be a problem...she literally sucks on her stinky bear all the time. For hours at a time. When it's late at night and my husband and I are kicked back on the couch, Vegas has usually found his spot curled up on his daddy's lap....Orion grabs her stinky bear and sucks on it until she falls asleep....which can be 3 to 4 hours later. She definately has an attachment to it and she throws a fit if the bear is out of her reach. If you haven't seen her "tenacious" video, I'll post it again. This bear was in a time out and she wanted it...and got it.
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[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] Just a disclaimer. Orion is gorgeous no matter what. I love that girl!!! I think you are on the right track with the bear. Some stuffed animals are treated with chemicals that might cause a reaction, this has happened in human babies too. I'd take that away from her if you can that is. At least for a while.

Bear's tear stains I treated with an over the counter remover and fed him Avoderm for puppies. Didn't really notice a change. Since he had that scratched cornea and his chin started to get really pink, i got pre-emptive and put him on Fromm Surf & Turf. It was so worth it, his face is fluffy soft and its weird because sometimes the stains are gone then come back, then go away again. No pink. No matter though I am happy with the results. I will have some Desitin on hand in the future just in case, great ideas everyone!!

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