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Feb 26, 2011
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Hi everyone!

I've entered Delilah in a contest on Facebook to win a free custom 8x10 portrait of her. I'd really, really love to win! I'd love to have a portrait of my baby.

To vote, first go to the Pet Portraits by Ron Krajewski page and "like it."
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Then, to vote for Delilah, just go to her photo and like it as well! Her photo is here:
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She's already behind and the voting just started. I'd really appreciate any votes! Thank you :D
Did it! Love the photo! Hope you win!
Oh, and I reposted on facebook!
Thanks so much! We appreciate it :D
She's in 2nd place right now..there's a Border Terrier beating her by about 25 votes. Crazy, considering voting just started! This is a popular contest.
Voted! And friend requested!
[MENTION=1217]Lacey28[/MENTION], you just have to like the artist's page, and then you can vote in his album. :)
She's in first place now!! She has 73 votes and I think the second place dog has 61.

Thanks so much for all the votes! This is really exciting!
Voted, and of course she is in first, because she DESERVES to be, such a beautiful girl!!

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