Other training issues- play biting, whining, jumping

Miss Molly

Feb 18, 2011
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OK, Molly is a very sweet girl :angel:, but I am sure this is going to make her sound like a little terror! :LMAO: But she has some issues I could really use help with.

1. Play biting. She thinks people's hands are for her to chew on. I have tried replacing with toys when she does that, tried training spray.

2. Jumping. She jumps up on people, jumps on the couch to play and has to walk on us, which hurts. I have tried getting her to just sit on the couch beside me and chill. She just can't hold still!

3. Whining. She sometimes whines and even barks if she doesn't get her way.

I have been trying to read up on puppy training. I think some obidience classes may be needed, but I live far away form the city, so I was going to try and work things out myself first.

She is very smart, but very stubborn, and doesn't want to listen. She is much better on the weekends, when she is out all day, instead of in "her room".

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