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Lou has heard your crys for pink hoodies. She is looking into getting them made, but the fabric (from the USA) that she has selected is more expensive. She is wondering if she makes these in pink, would everyone be willing to pay an extra $5 for them? They would retail at $35 rather than $30.

NO....... tell her to find a new material supplier....... Im serious, a color as common as pink should NOT be extra....... Someone is getting ripped.
It is going to cost her 3x more to make these, but it is organic cotton from the USA.
Although I think Vegas would look adorabull in a pink one, My husband would kill me, :lol::p
AND if I did have a girl, I would spend the extra $5, really what's the difference in 30 and 35?? Especially if it take 3x longer to make??
[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] Is it hot pink??? That's what I'm looking for and I believe that's what [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] was hoping for to(??)

If it is hot pink then I would pay the extra $5 - I don't think the extra $$$s is that much more to be honest. AND from somebody who has searched all over for a hot pink hoodie and never found one, then this is FANTASTIC news!!
I am not sure if it's hot pink or regular pink???
Norm's not a pink type of guy... but if he was I wouldn't mind paying the extra 5.
Hot pink =yes.
baby soft pink =no.
I'd pay the money for hot pink! For sure!

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