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I have seen this past weekend a video posted about how to express anal glands and a video showing how to temporary take care of a cherry eye. Now this morning Bella's anal glands are very swollen, she expressed some herself, but is miserable...I tried but no go. Then as she woke up from her nap, she looks like she is getting a cherry eye! Even Terri said something. Her lower eyelid is getting very droopy and you can see the underlying skin. There is no "bump" of tissue but a lot of extra...is this the beginning of a cherry eye? I have never had to deal with Cherry eye before.

No more watching videos on this site for me, unless they are cute bullies doing crazy things....so I am limited to mainly libra posts. lol
LOL you are too funny.

.....OR could it be that fate stepped in and showed you what to look for so that you will have the information at hand if and when you need it?

....or are you just being paranoid???? LOL ;)

I have no idea what a cherry eye looks like prior to getting it, none of my bullies have had one yet. As for the Anal glands.... kinda weird she is having two symptoms of problems at the same time, sure there could be nothing else going on causing other symptoms? I know when my bullies are not feeling well their eyes get 'droopy' looking....
I would not panic...plenty of times my boys are over tired or itchy from allergies and their eyes get funny.

I am surprised to hear how many bully owners need to express their dog's anal glands. I have not had to do this with any of my bullies but it sounds like it's something more uncomfortable than painful, maybe a little extra TLC will help until someone can help you do it?
I am having anal gland issues with a bully that was given to me. Try some warm compresses with some chamomile, i would suggest taking her to the vet because anal glands can get abcess and rupture...thats a whole diff situation and much harder to treat. Mr. Beefy was seriously impacted when i got him and had two ruptured abcesses. I spent 135 at Banfield since they r the only one open on saturday just to have it cleaned, shaved, they injected some medication and a injectable antibiotic. 4 days later I went to my vet no improvement they prescribed baytril and its been 3 days it looks alot better but if it doesnt heal he will need the glands removed.
Hope your girly gets better
She actually was able to get them herself...yuk I had to start laundry. As far as the eye, it seems to get worse when real tired, wether in general or after playing hard...Somedays it is very noticable and some days it looks very normal. I guess it is just a waiting game.

[MENTION=355]gatorfan85[/MENTION] If I remember you are in the Jax area. So am I. I would recommend you find a private vet to go to. I have has horrible experiance with Banfield. Terri got sucked into the wellness plan for Sophie and since she doesn't have health issues I didn't intervien. Anyway last summer Soph got an ear infection: on Amoxicillin and Predisone. My argument? They charged $40 for a week of Amoxicillin, something you can get at Target for $4, Publix for free and a 500ct bottle costs them $10!!!!! Rip off. Also this was our first experiance with predisone and no one there told us (until we called concerned) about in-volunary urinating while on it....what a mess!!! They are big on over-charging!!!! And I truly do not believe their skill level is at it's best.

There are a couple Bulldog Vets in Jacksonville. Those I have not gone too, but hear rave reviews from the Jacksonville english Meetup group. I go to one in Orange Park. My vet will prescribed medication to take to Target and get filled, most of the time on the $4-$10 list. I have never felt that any of my bullies were a money pit to her. She would recommend online places at anytime if she felt I would get a better price. She is the one who told me how to "home test" for allergies vs. paying for expensive ones. She even volunteered to get Bella's EPI enzymes for me at cost!!! Half the price as my specialist.

It took me many vets to find one that was more concerned with the dog than their paycheck.
[MENTION=770]Bella'sMom[/MENTION] , I have two olde english and they have no health problems but Mr. Beefy is a whole diff story. I just took him to Maverick the other day and paid $40 for a prescription. I am almost certain he will need his anal glands removed and maybe even his tail(very tight).If you could recommend a good vet around Orange Park that would be great and i'm sure Mr. Beefy would appreciate it.
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I go to Creekside, Dr Coral Turman. She is great and uses Care Credit if you have it. She is on 220 just before you cross the creek bridge by Whitey's. Tell her I sent you. They know Bella real well!!!! She saved her life.
Anal glands can be removed? Tell me more. What purpose do anal glands have? [MENTION=355]gatorfan85[/MENTION]

You know I have more....tons more. My little point and shoot has only bulldog videos. I literally have 15 cards ranging from 2 gigs to 4 gigs with bulldog antics. I also have a passport..external harddrive to save all my wacky bulldog adventures on. I'm glad you like them.
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] I was familiar with anal glands and their purpose but also didnt know they could be removed. They actually have four glands two at the top on each side and two on the sides of the anus. Anal Sacs("anal glands") are two small glands just inside your pet's anus. The material secreted into these glands is thick and foul-smelling. Most animals can empty these glands voluntarily for scent marking or in self-defense (like a skunk might do).

Domestic animals have largely lost their ability to empty these sacs voluntarily. Walking around and normal defecation serves to empty the glands but some animals become unable to empty their glands on their own at all. The sacs become impacted and uncomfortable. Dogs with impacted anal sacs usually scoot their rear on the ground in an attempt to empty the glands. Some dogs will lick their anal area and other dogs will chase their tails. Cats often lick the fur off just under their tails./ANAL SACCULECTOMY =If the sacs need to be emptied every few weeks or more, you may opt to have the sacs permanently removed. This procedure is complicated by many local nerves controlling fecal continence, the fact that any change in the local musculature of the anal sphincter area can affect fecal continence, and the fact that with chronic anal sac problems anatomy is distorted. Draining tracts can develop after surgery if the gland is not completely removed. Still, despite these pitfalls anal sac removal is considered a relatievely simple surgery by experienced surgeons

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