Oh Crap!!! I cut the quick......


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May 5, 2010
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and I'm the only one on!:eek:

I was just about to carry Orion up to bed...yes carry, when I got the idea, "hey, I'll do a quick nail trim". So I set her on the kitchen counter and I had my hand right hand on her back and I was grabbing a handful of treats with my left. As I was bringing my hand back over, I whacked my knuckle (and split it open) on the kitchen sink. I should have just called it a night right then and there. But no, I grabbed the nail trimmers and finished her right front paw and was moving on to her back right paw when she made a sudden move to grab a treat. I cut the quick. She didn't make a sound or a move. She just stood there chomping on the treat and her little nail bleeding. BLEEDING! I've never hit a quick before. THERE WAS SO MUCH BLOOD. So much. I couldn't believe it. It stopped fairly quickly.....if she knew I hurt her, she didn't let on. Anyways, I put her in the kitchen sink (while she bled) and cleaned up all the blood on the counter. I ran her foot under cold water, then set her on the kitchen floor. She just sat there looking at me like...."what's with the cold foot bath?" I shoved a few more treats in her face...which she took no problem. I apologized to her and picked her up. I carried her upstairs and put her in her kennel. :eek:
I'm a bad bully momma.:down:
Maybe not the best nail trimmer, but your a great bully momma :yes:

Totally agree!

I have heard you can put flour or cornstarch on it to get it to stop bleeding, but the one trick I have heard is the best is to smash the nail into bar soap. Well, not SMASH it, like push it to 'seal' it.
The thing that works the best... if it ever happens again...

cooking flour. Just put a little dab of it on the bleeding part, and it will stop the bleeding immediately.
See...I knew you'd have the answers for me! Thanks. I have yet to get her up this morning to see what damage I've done! Hopefully it's not as painful as it looked. I don't see how it couldn't be!
and pressure always apply pressure with a cloth or something and give it a few seconds to clot the blood! I know there is a powder at the pet store as well but it probably does the same thing as mentioned above! Glad she is okay! :whew:
Georgia broke her nail outside on the back proch when she was play fighting with baby joe. It was soooo bad. I put some kwik stop on it and then cute and heal. You are a great Bully mom !! Some of us just arent meant to trim nails lol.
Yes, flour, cornstarch and a bar of soap work well! I bought stuff from the petstore that was gel in a squeeze bottle, and the only time I've cut Horse's, I tried that first and all it did was make a goopy bloody mess, so I used cornstarch and it worked immediatly! And even the best nail trimming mamas make mistakes sometimes! At least she didn't notice!
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] You are at least brave to try cutting the nails. I haven't plucked up the courage yet and Maggie's nails grow so quick!!
Absolutely nothing from Orion. She's bouncing off the walls...doesn't even notice...doesn't even care. No limping, no pouting..no nothing.
You aren't the first mom to cut it. When I got Bella she yelped!!! She has all black nails and I even have a quick finder clipper. But she moves too much for it to register. I rub wax on it, a trick from when I worked Oral surgery, we had bone wax to stop bone bleeding.
nonsense Libra, utter nonsense, you are a terrific bully momma, if you say otherwise again. :guns:
Your little girl is like mine....put the treats in front of her and that is all she is going to notice! I haven't cut into a quick on Bertie yet! And I hope that I never do! It does happen and I know you are not the 1st or the last to do it! Your a great Bullie Mom!

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